Is Brown Discharge the same as a period?

Brown Discharge

What is brown discharge in women? Seeing brown discharge on your underwear or while wiping can be scary and make you worried. The first time it happens, you might get scared or think if it’s a sign that there is something wrong. But, relax, brown discharge is just old blood coming out. Fresh blood is bright red in color. Blood gets darker in color after it spends a long time outside the blood vessels. When blood comes into contact with air, it undergoes oxidation and the color of blood gets darker. The hemoglobin and iron ( Fe ) in the blood when interacts with air, the blood takes a brownish color. In most cases, brown discharge is normal. It can be a sign of many things, from the implantation of an embryo to an impending period. Nevertheless, there are some warning signs and symptoms that a female should keep in mind when it comes to vaginal discharge. And if you’re worried about experiencing abnormal vaginal discharge, it is time to get an appointment with a gynecologist.  Why is there brown discharge? There are various reasons why you could be having brown vaginal discharge on your underwear. The reasons behind brown […]

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