Why Do You Choose the Right Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapy Treatment

A physiotherapist is a person who works on improving your physical health by using various methods of treatment such as body massage, exercise, yoga, manipulation and other methods instead of going for direct surgery. The method of healing is called physiotherapy and the person conducting therapy is called physiotherapist. There are various kinds of diseases and body disorders that are treated using this method. Types of Physiotherapy: It would be wrong to limit the use of physiotherapy, as, it has the wider scope. There are three basic types of therapies used to treat physical disorders. Musculoskeletal: This type of therapy is related to body pain, including muscle pain, bone pain. This is used to treat problems such as strain, arthritis, sprains, back pain, bursitis, posture problems, immovability, athletic injury, normal injury, accidental injury, etc. This physiotherapy has been used widely to treat health issues. It has the advantage over medical or surgical treatment. Neurological: The therapy is used for treating neurological problems that are related to neurons and brain, including spinal cord injury, Parkinson, concussion, strokes, brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, etc. The method of therapy is used to relax the neurons and body parts by massage and yoga. Cardiothoracic: This therapy […]

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