7 Home Remedies for Plantar Fasciitis

If you are experiencing pain in any or both of your heels then that could be plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is a popular condition that causes pain in the plantar fascia tissue on the feet. Inflammations develop under the foot which causes pain. This foot condition is common among athletes, people who are overweight and arches. Your foot will take a maximum of 12 months for it recover if attacked. A doctor will try to determine the cause of pain if you visit one, then later offer the appropriate medication for healing. However, there are a number of home remedies to give relief for the same. These remedies include knight splints, comfortable shoes, using lavender essential oils, orthotics, foot massagers, ice pack and frequent replacement of old shoes. Home remedies for plantar fasciitis Putting on supportive and comfortable shoes If you are suffering from this foot condition, it’s advisable to put on comfortable shoes with a low heel. Practice this especially if you are going to stand for long. Such shoes are those which will give an adequate boost to the arches. Having reliable support will help to protect the plantar fascia from getting inflammations. Your feet become free from […]

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