Secrets About Missionary Position

Missionary position is one of the most commonly used in sex. It’s also called man-on-top, usually with women lying on her back, in front of you. This position is really favorable if you want to keep sex as a romantic experience because you can touch her, kiss her, look at her eyes, talk to her, kiss her neck, and do tons of stuff. It’s a classic position you can’t stop trying, and it may become your favorite. This type of position encourages an adequate, yet not very deep penetration, and lets you stimulate her clitoris properly. However, after some time you might want to experience new things and give it an extra exciting touch. First off, do not underestimate the power of kisses to increase your sexual pleasure. Missionary position is excellent for that, and if you are closed tight to her clitoris while kissing her neck and lips with passionate desire, it will get really intense. Kiss her ears, her chin, make her go insane and get to know every erogenous zona to make her gasp.Another thing you can do to power-up your sexual performance is using a stimulating gel to improve your bodily sensations and give yourself and […]

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