What Are Peptides and How Can They Benefit Your Skin?

Keeping the skin immaculate, without any wrinkles takes a lot of effort. You may be wondering if there is an end to the list of ingredients that have recently been labeled “miracle”, “necessary”, and “irreplaceable”. Each of them makes new big promises, many fulfill a lot (if not all, as no serum will take ten years off anyone’s face in three weeks). Sometimes it’s very difficult to control your desire to buy everything that has a good advertisement, but before that step, it’s important to understand what it’s really about. By now, you must have heard the word “peptides” countless times. They are claimed to have the power to smooth, renew and hydrate the skin. They are offered to us as an addition to practically every type of care product. But what exactly are they? In the most basic sense, they are the building blocks of proteins. When amino acids are joined in a chain, that chain is called an amino peptide, and when they are connected, the basis for all proteins is obtained. The most famous protein when it comes to skincare is collagen, and you probably know about it from the well-known equation: less collagen = more wrinkles, […]

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