Best Yoga for Weight Loss and Toning


Many of us think that yoga is done for concentration, to get rid of stress and to make body flexible. Yes you are right but you don’t know that there is much yoga which are done to lose weight and to make body toned. Here you will know about best yoga for weight loss and toning. If you had tired of following diets and flowing sweat but not get good results then these yoga poses will definitely make you happy. Yoga not only makes your body fit but also makes you mentally healthy. If you want to lose weight fast then perform right type of yoga which will make you to burn more calories or fat and lose your weight fast. The above explained yoga is best for weight loss. Best Yoga for Weight Loss and Toning Naukasna or boat pose As the name has word nauka which means boat. This yoga is also called as boat pose. This pose is good for stomach and gives power to liver and lungs. Avoid it if you are suffering from any spinal problem or injury. Lie on your back and make your chest, hands and feet upwards and remain in this position […]

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