Best Yoga for Weight Loss and Toning


Many of us think that yoga is done for concentration, to get rid of stress and to make body flexible. Yes you are right but you don’t know that there is much yoga which are done to lose weight and to make body toned. Here you will know about best yoga for weight loss and toning. If you had tired of following diets and flowing sweat but not get good results then these yoga poses will definitely make you happy. Yoga not only makes your body fit but also makes you mentally healthy.

If you want to lose weight fast then perform right type of yoga which will make you to burn more calories or fat and lose your weight fast. The above explained yoga is best for weight loss.

Best Yoga for Weight Loss and Toning

Naukasna or boat pose

  • As the name has word nauka which means boat. This yoga is also called as boat pose.

  • This pose is good for stomach and gives power to liver and lungs.

  • Avoid it if you are suffering from any spinal problem or injury.

  • Lie on your back and make your chest, hands and feet upwards and remain in this position for few times and then repeat it.

  • It is the best yoga for weight loss and toning as it will lose your stomach weight faster.

Ashtanga Yoga

  • This yoga is also an effective way of losing weight and giving power to muscles.

  • You need a lot of power and practice before performing this yoga.

  • This yoga will give power to your bones and removes waste from your body through sweat.

Hot yog

  • It is one of the best yoga for losing weight through sweating.

  • It is a different type of yoga.

  • This yoga is done in a room where temperature is about 96 degree Fahrenheit to 106 degree.

  • In pregnancy it should be avoided.

  • Drink plenty of water before performing this yoga.

Yoga for Weight

Yoga for Weight

Cobra Pose

  • It is a part of sun salutation.

  • It not only loses the belly fat but also improves circulation of blood, makes our back better.

  • Pregnant woman, people with injuries should avoid doing this yoga.

  • First lie on your stomach and put hands besides shoulders and head seeing upwards.

  • Remain in this position for few seconds.

Seated forward bend

  • It increases flexibility of lower and hips muscles.

  • Helps in removing stomach fat.

  • This yoga is good for toning shoulders and abdominal so it is one of the best yoga for weight loss and toning.

Shoulder stand

  • This yoga pose is beneficial in toning legs and butt.

  • For reducing fatigue this is also an effective yoga.

  • It also makes your digestion better.

  • First lie on your back then put your legs and hips upwards.

  • Make your spine straight and push your back up with your hands.

There are various yoga poses explained above. By doing this yoga poses you can make almost all muscles of your body toned.

CONCLUSION: It is not necessary to follow diet or make your body to work more hard for losing weight. Yoga which not only makes your body but your mind also healthy can be used to lose weight.

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