Top 15 zero calorie foods to help you lose weight [2019]

zero calorie foods

To achieve significant weight loss,  it is imperative to follow a strict diet along with a proper exercise routine. If you already have begun your weight loss journey, the zero calorie foods listed below will help you speed up the process. Foods containing zero or low fat, high dietary fiber and natural minerals come in the category of zero calorie foods. I have experimented with most of the so-called weight loss foods and concluded that these foods show varied results in different people. For instance, I might benefit from having lemon juice with warm water and honey every morning but you might not. Maybe your body lacks fiber and you need foods like beetroot and Raspberry. Here are 15 zero calorie foods to help you lose weight and boost your metabolism. 1) Strawberries Strawberries are available all over the world. It is well known for its rich aroma and taste. A cup of sliced strawberries contains only 54 calories. It is best for people with obesity running in their family, as it does not contain any saturated fat. Moreover, it’s also rich in Vitamin C. 2) Grapefruit Grapefruit comes second in my list of zero calorie foods. It’s a citrus […]

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