What Can You Expect When Visiting A Chiropractor


Are you experiencing back pain that you can’t stand, and you are worried about what to do about it? Well, maybe it’s time for you to go see a chiropractor. The visit to a chiropractor’s office isn’t all that different from a visit to other professionals that take care of your health problems, but there are some elements about it that are unique.

The environment and the intake procedure will feel familiar to you, but the first thing that you will notice that stands out is the chiropractic treatment table. Every chiropractic treatment table is specifically tailored in order to enable the movements that spinal adjustment requires. The elements of your visit to the chiropractor are: an initial intake, a physical exam, the required treatment and a follow-up plan.

What does the initial intake consist of?

The initial consultation that your chiropractor will conduct with you is similar to a regular intake with any other doctor, and takes about an hour. What you will be asked about is your medical history, which includes your medical conditions, past injuries, medications that you are taking, and your general habits such as sleep, diet and exercise.

After that aspect of the intake has been completed, you will be asked to show the area where you are experiencing discomfort or pain. It is good to know that some chiropractic offices offer patient forms on their websites, which makes answering questions less stressful and requires less time.

What does the physical exam look like?


Your examination starts with a regular physical exam. After that, your chiropractor will conduct a close examination of your spine, paying special attention to the areas where you are feeling pain. Generally, every chiropractor will examine your entire spine, because an injury to one area can result in secondary pain somewhere else. For example, a pain in your neck may require an examination of your lower back as well.

There is a variety of evaluations that the physical exam consists of. These include testing your reflexes, muscle strength and palpation, but also neurological, sensory and orthopaedic tests that are there to determine what the main problem is.

What makes up the treatment plan?

After the evaluation has been completed, your chiropractor will come up with a treatment plan. The treatment plan focuses on four main aspects:

  • The extent of injury
  • General health status
  • Overall spine condition
  • Your treatment-related goals

Treatment-related goals are defined according to your previous discussion with your chiropractor. In some cases, people are looking only for a way to relieve the pain, while in others, they are looking for a full care regimen in order to boost their overall health status.

The chiropractor will tell you everything about the status of your condition, and suggest what steps you need to take. Since trust and understanding with your doctor are essential, you should ask anything that you want to know at this point.

What is a typical chiropractic treatment like?

Adjustments are the main part of every chiropractic treatment. They are basically therapeutic manipulation that uses controlled force, leverage and momentum on specific joints. The main focus of the chiropractic treatment is your spine, but it may also need to pay attention to other joints, such as your knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle or wrist. This is done in order to enhance the function of your joints and restore structural alignment. In order for the joints to function the right way, they need the proper structure.

You need to know that your treatment will probably require a series of adjustments, so you will need to visit your chiropractor more than once. This usually takes several weeks. If the manual adjustments are too much for you, you can be treated with mild techniques that require less force instead.

Furthermore, the treatment might include therapies such as rehabilitative exercise, application of heat, electrical stimulation, and a discussion about your lifestyle, including advice about what kind of diet you should take upon, and how you should work on your weight.

Will I fill discomfort after the treatment?

It is possible that you feel some discomfort after your first treatment because this will be the first time that you are going to be properly aligned. Your body has gotten used to improper postures, so it is bound to make you feel a little off. Feeling some aching and soreness around your joints is normal. The muscles in the subluxation have been pulling for some time, so moving them in a different manner is bound to create at least a little discomfort.

How do you benefit from chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care is a reliable and effective way to deal with acute problems like back pain or sudden injuries. An experienced chiropractor Perth says that chiropractic treatment is a great way to relieve neck pain and migraines. Furthermore, it is a great solution for osteoarthritis. If your chiropractor establishes an accurate diagnosis and bases the treatment on it, there should be as little side-effects as possible.

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