The Impact of Cold Weather on Your Arthritis


If you are suffering from Arthritis then you understand the struggle that many people have to put up with each day. 50 millions of people to be exact because that is the number of Arthritis-diagnosed patients right now. And the numbers seem to be growing with each day, unfortunately. But that is not entirely what we are here to talk about today.

What brought us here today are the problems that these patients experience during the cold, fall and winter days. Yes, the struggle during the cold days is real for these patients as they have to go through extreme joint pain and disability as a result of it.

But do you know why? Why does it seem as your joint pain increases during the cold days? Well, if you are interested enough to find out more about this phenomenon as well as learn some tips and tricks that will help you manage your pain, then stay with us in the following article.

Why does your joint pain increase during the fall and winter days?

Considered to be a controversial topic for a long time, whether or not cold weather caused the signs and symptoms of joint pain to worsen was widely discussed. So it not too long for the researchers to draw a real attention to this question as a result to what a clinical research confirming this link between cold weather and Arthritis symptoms was published in the Rheumatic clinic.

But as soon as this link was confirmed, another question occurred. Why does this phenomenon occur? How does cold weather influences our bodies for our joint pain to worsen? The trick does not lay in the presence of rain, snow or wind, but in fact in the changes of the barometric pressure or also known as atmospheric pressure.

As the weather changes and snow, rain and storms start to occur more commonly, which is characteristic for the fall and winter days, the atmospheric pressure begins to drop. As the atmospheric pressure drops, our tissues start to expand which puts extra pressure on the nerves that control the pain signals in the first place, causing the joint pain to worsen.

Plus, as the tissues expand, swelling of the affected joints occurs once again which adds to the pain that you are feeling. So now that we have established the real link between the cold weather during the fall and winter days and your increased joint pain, it is time to share some tips and tricks that you can use to relieve some of that pain!

Tips and tricks that will relieve your Arthritis symptoms

  1. Hydration is everything – Make sure that your body is hydrated well using fresh water, homemade juices and smoothies and lots of warm tea during the cold days. You would think that this way you will only prevent dehydration from occurring, when in fact you will work towards preventing any worsening of your Arthritis symptoms. A study showed that even a mild dehydration increases your body’s sensibility, especially to pain. Why risk and let this happen? Drink your way towards a winter without any joint pain!
  2. Avoid exercising outside – This winter instead of running outside, reconsider continuing your exercise routine from the comfort of your home. There are a lot of things that you can do like yoga, fitness and aerobic exercises to keep you fit and healthy during the cold days. There is no reason why you should avoid exercising during the cold days, but you can choose to do it in a better way. Physical exercise is really important when you are dealing with Arthritis and you should never forget that!
  3. Take a Vitamin D supplement – Being the only vitamin that our body is not capable to produce, it is very important to satisfy our body’s needs for Vitamin D by introducing it through food. But in most cases, people fail to do that. And this is when a proper Vitamin D supplement is needed. When you are dealing with Arthritis, you cannot let your Vitamin D levels to drop since this has been proven to increase your body’s sensibility to pain. So get your Vitamin D supplement and let it work its magic in your body!
  4. Take a proper joint supplement as well – Your joints will need your help to get strong and healthy once again. And a proper joint supplement can help you with this matter. A proper joint supplement, such as Flexoplex and Topricin are, designed to lubricate your joints, relief the pain, swelling, redness, inflammation and increase the range of motion in the affected joint or joints. So consult your doctor and choose together what can easily become the perfect joint supplement for you! You will never let yourself live without a joint supplement once again as soon as you experience all the promised effects!
  5. Reconsider your weight – Unfortunately, obesity has become a worldwide health issue. It is also an issue that leads to Arthritis since it increases your risk of developing Arthritis at some point in your life. But not only that. Obesity has been confirmed to be a real factor that leads to worsening of your Arthritis symptoms during the cold, winter days. So would you really risk it? Perhaps now is the time for you to reconsider your weight and start exercising and eating healthier for a change!
  6. Relax by getting a message – This season is already stressful enough without any Arthritis symptoms with the holidays coming and all. So why not give yourself the opportunity to get a massage? It will relax both your body and mind but not only that – it will also relief your Arthritis symptoms like it was proven to do! Enjoy a relaxing massage that is supposed to relieve any stress and pain away.


Over 50 millions of adults right now are dealing with Arthritis. We are talking about a condition that has no known cause or cure. Existing with over 100 different types, this is a condition that requires serious attention.

And since we are talking about a condition that has no found cure, it means that we are talking about a condition that has to be managed for a lifetime. But these patients seem to get the hang of it with time. Until the cold days come, that is. During the fall and winter days, these patients experience a worsening of their symptoms, especially the pain.

And it turns out it is all about the lowering of the atmospheric pressure. This leads to our tissues expanding and increasing the joint pain which later occurs. But not only have we explained this phenomenon, we have also shared some great tips and tricks for dealing with these symptoms and lowering the risk of the worsening of the symptoms!

You will soon find out that a massage, healthy diet, exercising indoors and Vitamins of joint pain will help you win the fight against Arthritis! So, what is your favorite trick that you are planning on using this winter season?

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