6 Preventative Health Tips To Improve Brain Fitness


The brain is the most remarkable organ in the body. This is because it helps the body to maintain a human being’s daily activities such as decision making and other cognitive abilities. Therefore, we should always take good care of the brain throughout our entire lives. It is also said that Provasil is one of the best supplement for a healthy brain.

The brain also contains other important elements in our lives such as the personality, conscious thoughts, memories and even emotions. Since the brain controls almost each and every aspect of our lives, it’s, therefore, advisable to practice the following tips and improve your brain fitness.

  1. Consistent Exercise

Consistent exercise greatly enhances your thinking abilities. According to a research by Harvard health, exercise is very important to your overall body mood since it lowers your blood pressure, increases blood circulation thus helps in the creation of new brain cells.

On the other hand, exercises such as swimming, walking and cycling help in memory protection and improve your thinking skills. So this is it, folks, get out of your lazy lifestyle and perform exercises at least twice a week for a healthy brain.

In addition, exercise will keep your blood pumping in the right way. This reduces the levels of cholesterol in our body and therefore facilitates the pump of the blood to the brain. The pump of the blood to the brain helps in the increase the size of the hippocampus. Apart from improving the brain, exercise also has other health benefits to the body such as repairing and protecting the brain cells.

  1. Strictly Protect Your Head

In the medical world, there has been a high correlation between brain injuries and memory loss. The head is the most important part of the body due to the fact that, it carries the brain. Therefore, you should always ensure that the brain is well protected especially when undertaking risky activities such as cycling, biking, mounting climbing, skating and even skydiving.

A study in the year 2016 by the Institute of Health showed that, out of 120 participants who had previously incurred head injuries, 54% of them had various memory problems.  In addition, there were fatal cases of 8% of the participants who went on to develop Alzheimer disease.

Therefore, since there was a huge correlation between brain injuries and memory loss, medical practitioner’s advice that, it is very important to protect your head from injuries. When engaging in sports that are dangerous such as rugby, you should always protect your head with a protective gear.  So come on guys, always make sure your head is well protected from both minor and major injuries.

  1. Keep Your Mind Active With Challenging Tasks

As humans, we are always curious about what is going on in our environment. According to a research by Ohio states medical center, even animals such as cats and dogs are as curious as human beings. This curiosity is very important for our brain’s health since it keeps our brain in constant improvement.

Certain games such as crossword puzzles may help you keep your mind active. You should also find hobbies that you enjoy such as playing chess, playing the piano or even a guitar. By learning new tasks, the neurons in the brain are closely attached thereby improving brain.

Addium is another medically prescribed pill that you can use to enhance your brain. According to numerous researchers on the brain, humans approximately use about 10% of their brain in their daily activities. However, a drug such as addium might be used to enhance intelligence, and as well unlock your brain’s full potential.

  1. Do Not Abuse Alcohol

Although we do not say that you should completely abandon alcohol, you should always keep the amount you take in check. According to a research by the national drugs management authority, people who excessively used alcohol showed signs and symptoms of impaired loss of memory. This is a condition that occurred due to brain cell damage.

On the other hand, participants in the research who were chronic users of alcohol showed symptoms of dementia. Surprisingly, 80% of those who used no alcohol at all had no symptoms of this disease. This, therefore, shows the high correlation between alcohol and brain damage.

  1. Mental Stimulation

In order to have a healthy and fit brain, you should engage yourself in experiments that require mental effort such as solving mathematics problems, drawing and many other crafts. Such activities help in the stimulation of nerve cells, therefore, giving the brain the chance to create new cells. Mental stimulation also includes those activities that might hinder future brain damage and prevent memory loss.

In a research that involved both humans and mice, it was found out that activities that required intense mental stimulation enhanced the connection between nerve cells. This connection facilitates a condition known as neurological plasticity which is essential in brain improvement. If you are out there and look forward to building your brain, take any experiments that require manual dexterity and thank me later.

  1. Improve Your Diet

A well-balanced diet is crucial in improving the structure of neuro-cells in the body thus helping you to have healthy and fit brains. Mediterranean diet which includes a lot of vegetables such as cabbages and kales, fruit, fish, and nuts is also useful to the body and minds.

Those who don’t take vegetables should try to include them in their diets. You should also take a lot of water on a daily basis because it helps in keeping your brain hydrated thereby improving the thinking capacity. a healthy diet also reduces the chance of getting diabetes which to a large degree impairs your cognitive abilities.


Since brain fitness is important in your day-to-day activities, following this Provasil Reviews and it will go a long way in ensuring that you get the highest level of brain fitness. This tips will also help you achieve a higher success in activities that you previously found challenging to accomplish.

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