Becoming Health Expert in 2018

This is the perfect time to start thinking about altering your eating habits to create a healthier lifestyle. It doesn’t have to begin with big, drastic change and it will not happen instantly. Take your time; take one step at a time to succeed and make a lifestyle change that lasts.

Just to make things clear – changing your eating habits is not the same as going on a diet. It is all about becoming healthier and feeling better about yourself. We are not advising you to stop eating certain foods to become skinnier. You should love your body the way it is, take a good care of it and make sure you are eating healthy groceries to be healthy.

The best way to altering your food intake is to start with small changes and incorporate them into your life slowly. Achieving healthy lifestyle is a work in progress with all its ups and downs and it won’t always be easy. Remember to stay focused on your goal and don’t pressure yourself!

Read the label!

First things first, to inspire healthy habits you must get rid of all unhealthy groceries and surround yourself with organic, healthy food. Read the labels carefully before purchasing and try to avoid buying food with unhealthy ingredients. Most sweets, frozen and fried fast foods are full of “partially hydrogenated oils” that are a hidden source of artificial trans fats. Fill your house with healthy choices so that instead of grabbing a chocolate bar (filled with unhealthy trans fats) to satisfy your cravings you will have a healthy alternative.

Rise and shine!

Morning alarm clock in bedroom – filter effect

Waking up earlier and getting out of bed promptly is very important for encouraging a lifestyle change. Set your alarm 15 to 20 minutes earlier (avoid hitting the snooze button!) then it is set and use the extra time for exercising. Doing a quick workout or stretching before your usual morning routine is the best way to get your blood pumping and boost your energy.

Don’t skip breakfast!


You might have heard this many times but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. It immediately raises the body’s energy level and restores the blood glucose level to normal.  Not to mention that it influences how we perform mentally and physically. You should make time for morning meal; avoid drinking just a cup of coffee and rushing off to work. On the other hand, eating just fruit for breakfast is a bad choice since it is lacking protein and fats your body needs and is unlikely to keep you full. The solution lies somewhere in between – in a nutritious breakfast that you can make the night before or with True Protein shakes you can make in a few minutes.

Eat less but more often

Chasing deadlines and working in a stressful environment have the most impact on our health and eating habits. It happens that due to many work tasks we skip a meal or two and end up eating too much food in the evenings that causes stomach pain. That is why it is important to make time for more meals but in smaller portions during the day. Think in advance and prepare healthy snacks for work to avoid overeating.   

Increase water intake

Drinking water not only keeps you hydrated but also flushes the toxins from your body. It keeps you healthy from the inside and your skin glowing. Regular consumption of water improves the texture and color of your skin that results in fresh and blooming looking skin. Drink more tea, as well, since it contains antioxidants and increases your appetite. In combination with eating more meals but less food, it will make the change of lifestyle a piece of (healthy) cake.

Have more sex

Having regular sexual intercourse (besides some other added bonuses) relieves stress, boosts immunity and burns calories! The increase of oxytocin hormone will help you sleep better, make you feel more relaxed and with healthy sleeping habits, you will have more energy to face the daily stress.


Find a way to turn off your brain and meditate. It can be helpful for reducing stress at work and make you feel calmer. Research some breathing yoga exercises such as pranayama that you can use to achieve your inner Zen. If you are a fan of yoga, you can practice while you are at work.


These are all easily doable activities that will require a little time and commitment but result in healthier lifestyle change. Don’t despair if you find a bump in a road, just take a deep breath and find a way to overcome it. Trust me, by the end of the next year, you will be proud of what you’ve accomplished even though at times it got a bit hard.

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