Can I Go For Laser Hair Removal If I Am Having Pcos/Pcod?

Now advanced technologies like laser are available that can be used to remove unwanted hair but head-scratching question is that can we opt this technology if we are suffering from other medical condition like PCOD/PCOS?

Before knowing the facts about yes or no of the above question it is important to understand about PCOD only then we can reach on the correct answer.

What is PCOD?

The polycystic ovarian disease is the hormonal disorder that affects many females in the childbearing age. In this hormonal disorder fluid type formation occurs in the ovaries that lead to hormonal level disturbance so can cause skin or hair disorders.

This disease begins when the females have disturbed periods and then cysts start forming in the ovaries so the size of ovary gets expanded and cause excess production of hormones like androgen and estrogen. This excess formation of the hormone with the irregular periods can cause infertility in females. This condition is also called PCOS.

The surprising fact about this disorder is that 26.7% of females are suffering from this disease but are oblivion about it.  Studies have shown 70% women were unknown about PCOD attack when were diagnosed. PCOD affects the reproductive organs of women so disturb the menstrual cycle and weakens down the women‘s capability of being the mother.

Diagnosis of PCOD or PCOS

This condition needs proper diagnosis for confirmation as sometimes patient may or may not have all symptoms of this condition. The patient may be asked for the vaginal ultrasound to get the clear picture of enlarged ovaries.

Even blood tests are also part of diagnosis as these tests confirm about the levels of LH and FSH so that doctor could know about the increased level of androgen and estrogen.

Symptoms of PCOD

As discussed sometimes women have or may not have all the symptoms of this disorder and their PCOD is get traced when they go to infertility doctor for discussing their unsuccessful pregnancy trials. But the most common symptoms of PCOD are irregular periods, heavy bleeding during menstrual cycle, sudden weight gain, male pattern baldness, unwanted hair growth on a belly, face, chest like areas, acne formation, headaches and skin darkening are also common issues of PCOD.

PCOD and Laser Hair Removal

Women generally have to go for hair removal if they are suffering from PCOD as the growth of unwanted hair is also one symptom of this disorder.  Women generally choose laser option for removing their unwanted hair.

Women with PCOD can go for Laser treatment and can have good results but sometime may not have the apparent reduction of excessive hair due to an increased level of a hormone that causes in the growth of extra hair on face or body.  Still, Laser is the good option that can safely remove their body hair and can help them to restore pleasing look with great self-confidence.

But if we talk about the long lasting results then it cannot be true for PCOD women as they are suffering from the disorder which has hair growth as resulted symptoms so the hair removed with laser can give monthly relaxation but not for permanent basis as with the increase in the level of male hormone again they have possibility to get unwanted hair in the body areas including face.

PCOD is such disorder in which you could have an increasing level of hormones for long-term so the possibility of growth of hair again is more but if you are having some medications to fix the hormonal level then this treatment can work for you for a longer period.

Why do I need to go for multiple laser sessions with PCOD?

As discussed above the women with PCOD have an imbalance of hormones and have excessive production of male hormones that lead to the growth of unwanted hair on body areas. Women need to understand that the laser can only remove their hair but cannot treat their hormonal imbalance which is the actual cause of hair growth.

When the PCOD women undergo the laser treatment then in one time they could not get desired apparent results due to their disorder of growing hair. in PCOD women hair growth remain consistent so it is important for them to have regular sessions for Laser hair removal. Women need to go for hair removal session with time gap as their hair could take 8-12 weeks to start growing again so there is a need to maintain the regular sessions of removing them.

Can I go for laser hair removal after complete PCOD treatment?

If you are choosing hair removal method before the treatment of PCOD then there is a tendency to grow hair back and you have to take multiple sessions but if you have your PCOD treated then Laser can work for you.

If you want the better results and lesser laser sessions for hair removal then you could go for some treatment options as follows including the lifestyle and diet changes

PCOD treatment options and lifestyle changes

PCOD women need to work out with their lifestyle and dieting habits to tackle this disorder.

  • PCOD women should lose their weight to regularize their menstrual cycle and improve lower insulin, cholesterol level and other related diseases
  • PCOD women should choose low carbohydrate diets as these foods control the insulin level and weight so help to regulate your periods so you should choose whole grains, fruits, vegetables to regulate your menstrual cycle.
  • Some weight loss exercises also can help you to control the level of weight.

Medical treatments

 Other than lifestyle changes women with PCOD can go for following treatments that could help them to control the condition

  • Birth control pills can help to regulate the excess formation of male hormones so can alleviate the symptoms of PCOD
  • Clomiphene is fertility medication that helps the PCOD women to get pregnant and regulate the excess level of hormone.
  • Metformin is the drug that helps the women to get a normal menstrual cycle by improving the insulin level
  • Surgery can also improve the fertility of females as in this ovarian drilling is done by creating tiny holes in the ovary to re-attain the normal ovulation.

However, if you are having PCOD disorder then you can go for laser treatment along with some medications that can help you to get desired hair-free look for the longer time

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