Why Crooked Teeth are bad for your Health

Crooked teeth are really bad for your health. They not only impact the appearance but also your smile, face, and chewing ability. Once your teeth are not properly aligned, it means you won’t be able to lead a quality life for sure. It does not matter whether crooked teeth are caused genetically or due to some accident or fracture, the problem will be harmful to your overall health in either way. Your goal should be to fix the alignment concerns with your teeth and restore the functional and aesthetic appeal of the teeth easily. Only then can you lead a quality life in true sense.

Here are ways in which crooked teeth can be bad for your overall health –

Gum disease

Crooked teeth could lead to gum disease. They might be responsible for bacteria in the mouth to form into plaque. And you know how much the white coat of plaque can cause to your teeth and gums alike. When your teeth are not aligned correctly, it then does not allow gums to fit around the teeth securely. This is how bacteria find more space to grow, and they thus pose the risk of gum disease.


Oral hygiene difficulty

You can brush and floss effortlessly and smoothly when your teeth are straight and rightly aligned. But when they don’t, maintaining oral hygiene becomes quite difficult. The same happens when your teeth are crooked as this does not allow the toothbrush to reach all parts of the teeth. You thus can’t clean your teeth thoroughly and when that happens, there is always a chance of bacterial growth.


Tooth enamel erosion

Crooked teeth always carry the risk of wear and tear more often than normal ones. When your teeth are not aligned properly, chances are, some of them might be crowded or protruding, which can rub against the upper teeth. If this rubbing continues on, there be pressure on the tooth enamel making it wear over a period of time. For that reason, you should not allow oddly shaped teeth to stay as it is for longer as they may pose dental challenges later on.


Tooth injuries

When teeth are straight, they are in a correct alignment with nothing coming out here and there as it’s with crooked teeth. With protruding teeth, there will always be a risk of chipping or crack if there is any accident. When your upper teeth are protruding, naturally, they are more prone to injuries than the rest. So, you should not be getting untreated else your dental health might be at risk.


Chewing difficulties

Our teeth help us chew properly. This is how we bite foods into piece and gulp them down for digestion. Our jaw alignment helps a lot in this cause and paves the way for chewing ease. All this, however, won’t run as smoothly when our teeth are crooked. Then, the protruding upper and lower teeth will rub together to impact jaw movement. This is how chewing difficulties are posed.


Bad breath

Poor oral hygiene coupled with lack of regular cleaning and flossing of teeth can lead to bad breath. The same happens when your teeth are crooked as you then find it tough to clean your teeth properly. Bacteria can linger in between the teeth for days on end when you won’t clean them. For that reason, crooked teeth not only look ugly but even smell worse in most cases.


Overall health issues 

You must know that there is a strong connection between your dental health and your body. Which means, the health of your teeth and gums is a good indicator of your overall health. Studies have confirmed long ago how gum diseases could pose as serious health risks of heart disease, stroke, diabetes etc. You should thus get the crooked teeth treated to lead a disease-free and healthy life.


Low self-esteem

You feel confident when your overall appearance is good. If your smile is bad, it can make you feel bad leading to low self-confidence. Crooked teeth can dent your personality by diluting the charms and beauty of your smile in a great way. You, however, can consult a top orthodontist Suffolk county and get the problem of misalignment treated easily.


Author bio :-

Sanjay Kumar is a regular blogger with specialization in health, body and fitness. His blog regularly shares ideas and posts regarding dental health and other topics related to teeth and gum treatment options. His posts are a good source of knowledge, but you should visit a top orthodontist Suffolk county for further information regarding your dental health.


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