3 Ways to Increase Testosterone

Increase Testosterone

Having a healthy level of testosterone in our bodies not only makes it easier to stay and get into shape, but it can also fight off illnesses that get in the way of a long, fulfilling life. However, sometimes, it can be hard to produce testosterone, be it because of old age or due to health complications.

Luckily, there are a variety of practices that can ensure we have plenty of testosterone to reach out health goals. Some of the solutions come in the form of supplements, while others involve changing habits. Here are three ways you can increase testosterone and stay healthy.


A variety of supplements are designed to make it easier for testosterone to assist you in meeting your goals, whether it’s to get stronger or look better in the mirror. One way that testosterone can be prevented from getting you into better shape is estrogen conversion and elevated cortisol. A higher amount of testosterone means more estrogen, but supplements such as Arimistane exist to prevent estrogen rebound by connecting to the aromatase enzyme. This leads to a lower number of androgens converting to estrogen. As a result, users get to experience higher testosterone levels, thus leading to greater muscle mass and a boosted libido.

Another health benefit that testosterone provides is quicker recovery from working out and any potential injuries. Certain supplements focus more on this aspect, such as Ultra GHT male, which puts improving cellular energy and maintaining blood sugar levels at the top of its priorities. This option comes in the form of a tablet, part of which dissolves quickly while the other releases later to provide the benefits. Users also get to experience improved comfort, flexibility and functionality in their joints, as well as keep control of their weight. Ultra GHT Male also provides Vitamin D, which should come in handy for those don’t get enough of it from the sun.

Consume the Right Ingredients

Certain ingredients allow you to get testosterone in just about any meal during the day. One reliable source, despite what most people would think, is fat. You can try monounsaturated fats, such as peanut butter, avocados and almonds, or saturated fats, which include eggs, cheese, coconut oil, and dark chocolate. Protein is also helpful for boosting testosterone, with chicken, salmon and, steak being reliable sources for lunch and dinner.

Carbohydrates have also proven to be a beneficial ingredient to increasing testosterone, especially when you want to keep levels high during resistance training. For this ingredient, we suggest sweet potato, whole fruit, and whole grains, which can be added to any meal. Zinc is another element to include in your diet, with studies finding low levels of this mineral being a common cause for low levels of testosterone in both men and women. Zinc can be especially helpful for senior citizens who don’t already include it in their diets.

Getting More Sleep

While the amount of time we spend moving around during the day impacts our health, we are affected just as much by the amount of rest we get. Not sleeping enough makes it harder for your body to produce testosterone, especially in the morning. This can affect how much energy you have for what the day has in store for you, whether it’s a long day at work or an intense workout. Speaking of exercise, the lack of testosterone that comes from not getting enough sleep can make it harder for your muscles to grow and your fat to diminish, no matter how much you work out or how healthful your meals are.

A healthy amount of sleep for maintaining and increasing testosterone is usually seven to nine hours per night. It doesn’t hurt to take a nap now and then during a break at work or in the afternoon on a day off if you have a busy morning or night ahead of you.

Put these methods into practice so that you can boost testosterone and enjoy a long, healthy life.

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