Top Picks For Healthiest Marijuana Vaporizer


Do you vape? If yes, then we will guide you a few top vaporizers in 2018. Below is a list of the healthiest marijuana vaporizer to buy this season. Want to know more about them? Let’s discuss in detail.

DaVinci IQ

The vaporizer is a big hit of 2018. The look of the device is stunning and the performance is excellent. The device will not disappoint you if you are an experienced user and it’s a great pick if you are a first-time user. The device is built premium materials and the amazing air-path which provides amazing vapors. The device offers custom temperature settings for optimal sessions. Not just that, the device comes with a smartphone app and Bluetooth. IQ is an excellent pick if you are techy.


Smart yet sleek Pax 3 is compatible with both concentrates and wax. Some prominent features of the device are – a smartphone app, lip- sensing technology, Bluetooth, and more. The amazing lip-sensing technology of the vaporizer increases the heating efficiency of the device. The unparalleled functionality and stunning design make it one of the smartest vaporizer on the market.

Arizer Solo 2 (or Air 2)

This new device comes with come upgraded and new features over the previous generation. Now, you will get an LED display which will make it more convenient to use. The vapor quality is unmatchable, and the performance makes the device a tough competitor in the market. Although the device is not compatible with wax but does wonders with dry herbs. The excellent battery life will provide you with 10-15 sessions.

Volcano vaporizer

How can we forget this amazing vaporizer? Well, the Volcano is one of the leading desktop vaporizers and is considered as the healthiest marijuana vaporizer. The device has a unique volcano-shaped design which offers high performance and high-quality built. The vaporizer is filled with amazing features and provides quality vapes. We can also say that device sets a benchmark to other high-end vaporizers in the market.

Hydrology 9

The device makes a major hit in the dry vaporizers this season. The bong style makes it a unique designed vaporizer the device comes with LED lights system which helps to know about the battery and temperature level. You also get air vents in the device which allow proper customization of the preferred draw resistance. The best part about the device is the inbuilt stick which helps to stir the herbs. Not just that, the device also uses a water-filtration system which allows cooling the vapors. One device and so much to offer, isn’t that great?

Ghost MV1

The device is a dual-use vaporizer that supports both the concentrates and the dry herbs. Ghost MV1 comes with a convection heating process. But, somehow manages to keep the pronounced flavor. The device is best for all those who like getting super high, versatility, and loves premium gadgets. The battery life is decent enough to offer 4-6 sessions.

VapeXhale Cloud EVO

If you are looking for a premium convection desktop vaporizer, then VapeXHale is your pick. The device is known for producing excellent vapor production and powerful heating method. The vaporizer comes with an all-glass vapor path and hydratubes. You can enjoy both the concentrates and the dry herbs with the concentrates. The device is perfect for providing efficient vaping sessions. VapeXHale is an ideal replacement for your bong.

Crafty & Mighty

The two beasts Mighty and Crafty are some of the few impressive vaporizers. Talking of the battery life, you will get double battery life in the Mighty vaporizer in comparison to the Crafty. But, that does not mean Crafty is less effective. Both devices offer quality vapes with fast heating functions. The oven capacity is however similar in both the device, but MIghty does not come with smartphone connectivity, which Crafty possesses.

So, these are a few top picks in Marijuana vaporizers. What are you wondering? Grab the right vaporizer now!

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