Lose 10 Kilos in 10 Days Diet Plan: – A Perfect Diet for Slim Body Shape

Everybody wants to look slim and fit every time, but this situation is not possible for every individual person. The main reason behind this bitter truth is an unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet. These two things are majorly responsible for the size of the body.

Grabbing slim body shape by losing of excess body weight in some days is usually seems looks like impossible. But today, we are going to tell you about a diet which works to reduce body weight in just 10 days.

Now, lose 10 kilos in 10 days diet plan. We have created that 10 days diet plan which works to give the best results for the long term.

Easy diet plan for losing of body weight

These are the easiest diet plan for getting amazing changes in the body: –

  • Day-1


In breakfast, you can take only fruit from one of these apples, banana, grapes, citrus fruits, and pears. Repeat this breakfast diet every time.


Take 250 Ml hot soup with 1 slice of bread and lettuce but without oil. Tree slices of roasted or boiled meat or 3 boiled eggs.


Take tree boiled eggs or 200 gram boiled or roasted meat with 1 slice of bread, or you can take milk or yogurt or cheese.

  • Day-2


Eat lettuce with olive oil and lemon. Vegetables or herbs from carrot, tomatoes, beans, lentils, potatoes, peas etc. for the better taste you can add pepper, salt, and else.


In dinner, you can take the same as like lunch but at the half of the quantity.

  • Day-3


Take cooked pasta with the tomato sauce or you can take pizza crust along with the tomato crust.


Take 2 small slices of cake or 1-3 serving of ice cream.

  • Day-4


In lunch, mix unlimited fruits and eat them.


Repeat it at same likes lunch.

Other useful tips

You have to follow these entire tips for better outcomes: –

  • You have to consume fewer calories than before. So, take only 1,000 calories or less in a day.
  • You have drink lots of water all day and, you can also drink tea or black coffee but without sugar.
  • You can take only skimmed milk or its product because it is less in fat.
  • Drink 2-3 liter of water every day.
  • You have to cut down fatty products from the diet and, you can take a substitute for fat in the diet.
  • You can take fish, white eggs or lean meat.
  • Take whole grain products.
  • Reduce food in taking in a day.
  • You have to do work out twice in a day for at least 40 to 50 minutes.

For making the weight loss process possible and noticeable you have to follow guide 2 well entire steps and the diets. You have to cut down calories of at least 500 calories in a day.

Actually, diet plays a major role in case if you are reducing the body weight. So, don’t take those foods which are high in calories and, drink plenty of water. Along with these things, you have to do some exercises like running and, cardio for at least 40-50 minutes because it works to burn calories from inside of the body.

In the starting process, you may feel some weakness in the body like nausea but don’t take any worry because it is normal and, it doesn’t give any harm to the body. After some days, everything will become adjust and normal.


So, we think that this article is quite enough for getting slim body shape in just 10 days. We didn’t claim that it works best at every person, but its results may change according to the person to person.  However, this diet plan is quite better and, effective way to get slim body shape. Try it and, change noticeable outcomes in just 10 days.

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