Chemical Peel – Purpose and Advantages

Chemical Peel - Purpose and Advantages

The individuals nowadays are engaging in a lot of treatments for enhancing the beauty of their skin. Not only women but men also are very conscious of their skin. This has led to various medical treatments offered by the beauty salons’ beauty clinics and dermatologists. One of the latest addition to these skin treatments is the chemical peel.

What is A Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a treatment of the skin in which there is the application of a chemical solution to the skin which causes the skin to blister. After that, the solution is peeled off the skin. With this, the old skin is removed and new skin appears beneath the old skin that is smooth and has fewer wrinkles than the old skin.

The chemical peel can be performed on the face, neck or hands.

Implications of Chemical Peel

A chemical peel surgery can be used:

  1. For treating the wrinkles that appear due to sun damage or aging
  2. For the treatment of a certain type of acne
  3. For removing the mild scars from the skin
  4. For improving the look and feel of the skin
  5. For the reduction of fine lines that appear under the eyes or around the mouth area

Who is Eligible For A Chemical Peel?

Not everyone qualifies for the chemical peel surgery. It is more favorable for those who have a light-tinted skin with less hair on their healthy skin. Those with a dark-tinted skin can opt for the surgery and the results can be positive for them but they may experience uneven skin tone after the process.

Those who have sagging skin, bulges and more intense wrinkles are less likely to have a positive outcome with the chemical peel.

Preparation for a Chemical Peel

Before taking a decision for a chemical peel, one must disclose any previous history of scarring, recurring cold sores or facial X-rays to the doctor.

The dermatologist can advise to discontinue some drugs and suggest new medicines for preparing the skin for the chemical peel procedure. The medicines can be Retin-A, Renova, or glycolic acid. The doctor can also ask you to take antibiotics or antiviral drugs.

How is the Surgery Performed?

First of all, the skin of the patient undertaking the procedure is cleaned thoroughly. Then, one or more solutions are applied to the skin. These solutions can be glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, or carbonic acid (phenol)- covering small patches of the skin. With this, a controlled wound is created which allows the new skin to its place.

For the initial five to ten minutes of the procedure, a burning sensation is felt that is superseded by a stinging feeling. This can be dealt with by putting cool compresses on the skin. Some may even need medication to control the feeling of sensation. The surgery lasts for almost 30minutes after which the patient is free to leave.

Thus, chemical peels are performed for improving the overall appearance of the skin making it flawless and younger than before.

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