Best Vitamins For Hair Growth-2019

Best Vitamins For Hair Growth

We have our own personality that is reflected by the way we talk and by the way we dress up. Most of us take good care of our health, our skin, face and everything else that is visible on our body. Why so? Just to look attractive and well-flavoured. Then why do we forget to take care of our hairs? Our hairs too form a most important part of our body and personality as well. You must have seen majority grooming their hairs so that they can look attractive. We all need that Best Vitamins for hair growth so that our hair can be healthy.

Vitamins for Hair loss

Normally we have faced a very common condition called as hair loss/hair fall – oblivious and ignorant on how to tame them. Well, we all try hard to gain those long, lustrous and shiny thick hairs. But are we able to achieve that? No, hardly a handful of us only. Today, when there is too much of air and water pollution, we aren’t able to tame our hair in the right manner. 

Shampoos contain a heavy amount of sulphate that actually harm our hairs, are used by all. We all try hard to keep our hair looking lovely but end up having a bad hair day. Your moody mane can give you stress tress rather than pretty tress.

Best Vitamins for Hair Growth

Here are some Best hair vitamins for hair growth so that you to make sure that you are going to have a good hair day from today. And these dermatologists approved picks will make your hair shiny and lustrous.

Hair growth supplements and vitamins are helpful for all (no gender inequality by the supplements atleast). If you are facing the problem of sparse hairs or flat hair or may be brittle and dull hairs, these amazing supplements will do wonders. These vitamins are designed in a way to help your hair survive that hair and water pollution. There is a common notion that these supplements are not helpful. 


Wrongly so, these are very beneficial for those who are experiencing hair loss, hair thinning, and flat hair, dull or brittle hair. These are derma-checked. However, it is best advisable to wade through the ingredients on its label so that you know what you’re looking for and what really your hair wants. 

1. Nutrafol

This vitamin is targeted to work on hair thinning. It works by making thin hair grow into soft yet stronger hair; a little coarser that the original quality. Highly concentrated botanicals are used to prepare this vitamin. There was survey that happened for those who used this vitamin for about quarter of months. It was observed that women, who said that their hairs were thinning, had seen an enormous amount of quality change within these three months. Researchers also found an increase in hair density after a couple of months, after its use.


How much to consume?

One tablet per day is sufficient to gain your hair quality back.

2. Biotin

This is pure vitamin B, found in almost all hair supplements. This is a soluble vitamin. This means that it is soluble in water. Just add a couple of drops in half a glass of water and consume regularly. Vitamin B complex is the Best Hair Vitamins for faster hair growth and also helpful in improving the hair texture from roots. You can surely expect the increase in hair length but not density.


Is it really beneficial?

Yes it is. Biotin is also used for strengthening nails as well. Just one tablet per day will give you not only healthy hair but also will keep your nails away from chipping.

3. Vivscal

All of us crib for not having heavy or thick hairs. We all face some or the other hair problems; are in search of one such thing that will take good care of our hair. This supplement is our saviour. It contains as many as a number of vitamins. In short, you can call it a multi vitamin tablet. Consumed to improve hair volume and texture. Each tablet contains iron, zinc, folic acid, vitamin C, biotin and other nutrients. These nutrients when taken in form of food will not benefit much as compared to these supplements that directly take care of your hairs.

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How does it help?

Consumption of 1 tablet per day helps for say upto 6 months will surely improve the quality and quantity of your hair. This is derma tested and side effects free to consume.

4. Ouai hair supplement

This supplement is combination of vitamin C and E. it improves hair thinning and helps in strengthening your hair. Vitamin C and E helps gain the lustre of your back. You can also count it amongst the Best Hair Vitamins for black hair growth as it retains and maintains the shine and lustre.

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How does it work?

This supplement works by building amino acid in your hair and thus blocking the keratin in your hair. Isn’t this super cool? We all spent thousands of bucks at the salon just to treat our hairs with keratin. But now we have ouai hair supplement that naturally provides minerals to our hairs. This promotes significant hair growth too.

5. Vitamin A

As we all know that vitamins play a vital role in promoting good health. Similarly, vitamins are also useful for your hairs. Vitamin A promotes good hair strength and length. All cells in our body require vitamin A, including our hairs. Spinach, potatoes, carrot, curd (you can also apply curd on your hair), beetroot, etc all contain lots and lots of vitamin A.

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Why vitamin A?

Improves texture of your hair

Promotes hair growth

Improves thickness and lustre

6. Hum gummies

These are sweet chewable tablets for your hair. Now improve the shine, the lustre, the thickness or your hair by consuming Hum gummies. These claim to be glutton free gummies that promotes excellent hair growth. These chewable tablets contain biotin and folic acid which are the most important vitamins for hair growth and strength.

Hum gummies

How much to consume?

These gummies will definitely change the texture and the length of your hair drastically if consumed 2 in a day.

7. Vital proteins

Synonymous of its name, these tablets are nothing but full of sheer proteins and amino acids. These tablets not only provide strength to your hair but also protect your skin. We all love to get that clear glass like skin. So why don’t we resort to this? These supplements are completely side effects free and you can consume them easily. Enriched with nutrients and vitamins, these supplements are meant to rejuvenate your hairs and make them strong and healthy.

Vital Proteins

Why these tablets?

These are beneficial for your hair and your skin. Now get glowing and glass like smooth skin with powered and strong hairs.

During tough times when you do not know what to do and how to cure your dull hair, Sound Health Doctor is your friend. We believe in gaining customers’ satisfaction by delivering what they want. We have a complete store for all your hair needs. These vitamins and supplements are derma-tested too.




Well, besides this, there is no disadvantage of consuming any sort of hair vitamin/supplements. However, if you notice any sort of side effect, you should immediately report it to your dermatologist. And not to forget, even men can use these supplements as they too need Best
Vitamins for men’s hair growth.

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