Diet-Winter Season

winter diet
winter diet

Late autumn is a period when colds and diseases are easily affected. Lack of sun and a drop in temperature also discourage us from physical activity, but we prefer to eat well in the warm comfort of the house. Meanwhile, it’s worth to arrange your diet so as not to put on weight and keep your health! We all have a tendency to gain weight during the winter. We spend less time in the open air, sitting more often in front of the TV or computer. A good idea is to buy a swimming pool or gym ticket at that time and, in spite of the weather, exercise to maintain or even improve the form. However, it is best to combine this with a rational diet, because the choice of food has a decisive impact on both the figure and human health.

What to eat so as not to gain weight and not feel hungry?

Contrary to popular opinion, it is best to eat fatty foods in autumn and winter, it is better to bet on a consistent diet. Eating a fat dish ends with overweight and a feeling of heaviness, which is not conducive to better well-being or protection against frost. It is much more reasonable to implement a varied diet based on vegetables, vegetable fats, fish, seeds and fruits. It is also better to eat more than 2-3 times and to exaggerate. Of course, it would also be wise to give up junk food when there is cold waiting for enough temptation from home-made snacks.

Changing eating habits is not easy, but usually after a few attempts with a light fish, for example, mint or salmon instead of a minced pork, and rice or pasta instead of potatoes, the dinner turns out to be much tastier.

Here’s a handful of practical tips

The best support is training

Congratulations to everyone who decided to do regular training in the winter. Solid energy sources are especially needed for such people, and it is best to look for them in carbohydrate foods such as flour, rice, oatmeal, cereal, pasta and carrots, onions, beets and brussels sprouts. These are examples of carbohydrates – complex sugars, so-called disaccharides and polysaccharides. Replacing these products with simple sugar (eg white bread) is a milestone on the road to developing an attractive silhouette.

Physical effort, unfortunately, favors the weakening of our immunity – tired and sweaty we can get a good cold on the way from the gym or swimming pool to the house. So let’s look around for dietary supplements and natural foods that help protect our health.

An example of an ingredient with beneficial properties is used in functional food products, such as Breast fitness puff straw, black cumin, otherwise called black cumin. Black cumin seeds are richly supplied with unsaturated fatty acids and are able to synthesize natural substances such as prostaglandin E1 and E2, which favors the strengthening of our immune system.

Among the many advantages of black cumin there are also cholesterol regulation, treatment of respiratory diseases and even the alleviation of rheumatic diseases. Even the ancient Egyptians, who appreciate natural methods of treatment, eagerly reached for small black seeds of black cumin, which can be seen, for example, on the preserved papyrus writings.

Diet for health

In order to protect yourself from colds or infection, it is worth to use not only proven, home-made methods. Nowadays, we should present an exaggerated attachment to medicines and chemical preparations that are supposed to increase our immunity, because it is not enough to reach for a natural products.

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