Back To Life: The Complete Healthy Back System Review [2019]

Back to life- Healthy Back system

Back To Life The Complete Healthy Back System is designed to banish back pain by easing tension in a particular muscle that you may never have paid attention to. The stretches demonstrated in this digital video series will reduce the inflammation and swelling in your lower back. These ancient exercise drills are not difficult to perform. Hence this product is for people of all ages.

Tight muscles in your back and shoulder region can make you feel smaller, inferior and weaker. The interesting thing is, you can change your situation by just working out a few muscles mentioned in Back To Life. This product helps you deal with fatigue, pain and sleep deprivation too. These are all symptoms of tightness in the midsection of your body– this region is called as “the core” by fitness instructors.


About Emily Lark

The creator of Back To Life, Emily Lark is a successful pilates instructor, wellness coach, and a yoga teacher. She has been working in the fitness industry for more than 15 years and has helped thousands of people get rid of their back pain. Emily’s own physical condition was what inspired her to create this product. At the age of 12, she had suffered an injury in a horrific car accident which caused several complications in her back. In this product, she has shared her secret of healing back pain. Click on the Banner link above to know more-

Are you making one of these 3 mistakes that might be hurting your back?

According to Emily, most people who suffer from back pain are making one of the 3 mistakes that propagate back pain. When it comes to chronic pain, it’s not about what you can add to your life but what you should remove and discard. This is how many of Emily’s students got better within weeks. They evaluated their lifestyle and got rid of habits that were making their back pain worse.

Mistake no 1: Incorrectly stretching the wrong muscles

Our body is constantly sending signals to the brain. Whenever there is any discomfort or misalignment in the muscles or bones, the brain immediately lets you know through pain or soreness in that particular area. But stretching the sore muscle doesn’t always make the pain go away. The problem may be in your posture.

Mistake no 2: Trying to combat back pain by strengthening your muscles.

Even experienced physiotherapists make this mistake. Strengthening your back muscles are not going to help you get rid of back pain. You need to work on your core muscles.

Mistake no 3: Resting your back.

Researchers disagree with the fact that resting can help you heal your back injury. Most often, inactivity makes the condition worse and it becomes even more difficult for the person to take corrective measures.

What I liked about Back To Life Healthy Back System

The complete program is easy-to-understand and there are no unnecessary or long-winded explanations in it. I like that Emily cares about her clients time. All the videos in Back To Life are very compact and value-packed. At no point, you will feel bored or uninterested. Besides, if you are interested in knowing more about Emily’s personal life and her philosophy on fitness, you can go to her YouTube channel and explore.  

What I didn't like about Back To Life Healthy Back System

This is a DIY therapy for an acute condition such as back pain. So, if your condition is too critical, you better get professional help by consulting a physician. The exercises in this program are thought to make your muscles stronger and more flexible, but they won’t heal a serious medical condition.



Back To Life- The Complete Healthy Back System is available in two versions: Digital and physical. The digital version can be accessed by downloading or streaming. Moreover, it is compatible with all devices. You can watch the high-quality videos in this program on your mobile phone, desktop or a tablet. The physical version comes with DVDs, a manual and a booklet for taking down notes. Both versions are available for just $37.

My Recommendation

The sequence of movements and stretches taught in this program can be performed smoothly. Anyone can watch the videos and follow along.  Back To Life is worth a try unless your condition is so serious that you are not able to lift your own weight. As your muscles get loose and spinal cord realigns, you will feel relief within two weeks.

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