Why does Bread make you Fat?

If you are wondering whether the bread you eat every morning with cheese or butter can make you gain weight or not? Then the answer is always going to be yes– eating bread does make you fat. Although, the harmful effects of bread vary depending on the kind of bread you eat. For instance, white bread is outright dangerous for you and should be avoided even in small quantities. 

A whole-wheat bread made with grains, nuts, and seeds is good for your body when consumed in moderation. Try to replace white bread with hard bread or crispbread. If you worried about being fat, make sure you get rid of all the food in your home that has gluten in it. Also, workout for at least 30 minutes 3-4 times a week. This will help you maintain a calorie deficit.

Which bread is best?

I understand the reason behind people getting confused about which bread is the best and what type os a bread they should buy? There are so many types of bread available in the grocery store and all claim to be equally healthy. I feel the whole grain bread is the healthiest bread and it does not make you fat even when eaten regularly.

The whole grain bread is made from wholemeal flour with healthy seeds added to it. It has absolutely no trace of processes flour in it. This is what makes it so healthy. Moreover, once you eat a few slices of wholegrain bread, you stay full for a longer time. This is due to its low glycemic index(GI). Adding whole-grain bread to your breakfast or midday snack will curb your cravings for junk food.

What is the relationship between bread and obesity?

Everyone knows that there is a direct relationship between obesity and the consumption of bread. Recent research by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain concluded that reducing white bread consumption can lower gains in weight and abdominal fat. This study was mainly done in an attempt to burst the myth that a traditional Mediterranean diet is bad for your health. Bread is a big part of a Mediterranean diet and people in countries like Spain have abandoned this diet due to the fear of getting fat.

White Bread and Weight Gain

White bread is made from the middle portion of the wheat grain. The middle unhealthy portion of the wheat grain is known as endosperm and the outer healthy part is the bran. Eating whole wheat bread does not make you fat because it made from both endosperm and the bran while white bread contains the only endosperm.

Moreover, white bread has low dietary fiber content and has no nutritional value. It is consumed mainly for its good taste. It is obvious that eating white bread once in a month won’t suddenly make you fat but you should know that there are healthier options available. Sugar-less wheat and multigrain bread are becoming more popular among people who care about their health and fitness.

What’s the best way to eat bread?

The essential nutrients from white bread have already been removed by the manufacturers and only the starchy unhealthy part of the wheat is used in its preparation. So, make sure you choose whole wheat grain bread with no added sugar in it. You can eat your bread with lean meats or fresh vegetables. Add a bit of fat-free mayonnaise to make the sandwich taste delicious and savory. 

Is Sourdough bread a good alternative to wholewheat bread?

Before baking a loaf of bread, bakers add a leavening agent to the flour. This leaving agent is what makes the bread fluffy and soft once it’s baked. Usually, bakers use a leaving agent such as yeast or baking soda to make the bread rise up once put in the oven. But sourdough bread is prepared differently. 

While preparing sourdough bread, bakers add “wild yeast” and use the lactic acid bacteria that is commonly present in the bread to leaven it. Due to this change in the fermentation process compared to other types of bread, sourdough bread is more nutritious and tastes differently. These factors make sourdough bread is a great alternative to wholewheat bread.


It’s true that certain types of bread are heather than others but keep in mind that all bread are forms of carbohydrates which gets broken down into sugar once digested. The sugar later gets converted to lipids and cholesterol. Hence, you continue to get fat as you eat more bread.

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