9 Things to Know About Penis Lengthening – 2024 Guide

Nowadays, every man is concerned about his penis size because it can satisfy his partner sexually. Many factors, like unhealthy lifestyle, stress, imbalanced diet, etc., can affect the length and performance of men’s private parts. The erect penis’s average size is approximately 5 to 6 inches, with a circumference around 4 to 5 inches. If you have a smaller size than the average, you must know several things to lengthen it to get the desired shape.

In the following write-up, you need to know about penis lengthening and enlargement in different ways. Men suffering from any medical disorder are required to improve the size of the penis because it can severely affect fertility and personal life. Before knowing ways to increase the size of the penis, you must know why these methods are required to do so.

Reasons for Phallus Enlargement

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1. Buried Penis

It is a condition when the sexual part of a man is covered with excess fat. It is common in obese boys with excess pelvic fat.

2. Prostate Cancer Surgery

In this procedure, the surgeon eradicates the prostate along with adjoining tissues. It minimizes the length of the penis due to internal retraction by fibrosis. The performance also reduces by 16%.

3. Peyronie’s Disease

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In this problem, the penis gets bent naturally, making it small and narrow. The erections can be painful, and this condition is also known as erectile dysfunction.

4. Microphallus

Hypospadias can cause this condition, in which the urethra’s opening located on the below side of the male’s private part. It is a congenital disability, which can shorten the size of the penis.

5. Genetic

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Many men are born with a small penis because of their genetic history. They may need the procedure of enlarging phallus for better performance and life satisfaction.

Tips to Increase the Length of Penis

There are different ways that you must know to increase the length of your phallus. Such as:

1. Lose Weight

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If you are fat or overweight, you need to lose weight to reduce excess fat in your pelvic area. Get a muscular and enhanced physique to feel enough confident and about the private part. The changes in your body make your penis more visible and more significant.

2. Clean and Maintain Your Pubic Area

It is essential to clean and shave your pubic area. When you clear that area, your hidden penis will become more visible and more significant. It will not be buried or look small in your pubic hair.

3. Take Supplements

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Many companies offer supplements to enhance the size of the male’s reproductive part. Some ingredients like L-Citrulline increase the levels of nitric oxide in your blood for better circulation throughout your penis. It helps in improving your erections and performance. It is essential not to waste your money on products that claim to provide 100% satisfactory results but does nothing.

4. Penile Traction

There is a popular device, i.e., attached to the penis shaft, for a little time to stretch it. Traction can change the appearance of a man’s private part.

5. Temporary Ointments

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Many companies manufacture oils, gels, creams, and lotions that claim to increase the size of man’s reproductive part. According to these companies, when a man applies over it, it boosts the blood circulation and hence, improves its length. Some essential oils help in accelerating cell proliferation and, therefore, show positive effects. There is a risk of allergies and skin irritation, which can affect man’s health severely.

6. Clamps and Rings

The market is full of devices for penis enlargement that are easy to use. With the help of pressure on specific points on the male’s private part, the size and ability to erect improve. The enhancement of blood flow can lengthen the phallus. You need to use these devices carefully because it can cause bruising, nerve damage, and many other problems like hematomas.

7. Vacuums and Pumps

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Such devices are used over the scrotum to provide a specific amount of suction. It helps in improving blood circulation and make it enlarged. Remember that you should not use these devices for a prolonged time because it can make your skin more spongy and thicker. There is no guarantee that vacuums and pumps will work as it promises.

8. Penile Injections

You can visit cosmetic surgeons like Dr Elist to get safe injections for improving the size of the penis. There are three types of injections, like Autologous, which removes excess fat from the male’s private part via liposuction. The Hyaluronic injections for preventing tactile sensation. Polymethylmethacrylate microspheres injections give long-lasting results due to the production of nodules, indentations, and hard ridges.

9. Surgeries

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Different surgeries are also available to improve the size and performance of the penis. The male’s reproductive part’s circumference can be modified with surgeries like dermal or free fat grafting. The skin can be extracted from any part of the patient’s body and is injected into it.

The V-Y Plasty technique helps in extending the shaft of the penis. It elongates the male private part and makes it erect. Suprapubic lipectomy surgery enhances the phallus, i.e., hidden in a fatty pubic area. You can opt for implants to make your penis bigger and increased girth. There are other surgeries to treat other problems of the phallus.

The Bottom Line

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Having a perfect size and shape of the penis is a dream of every man. You can strengthen bonds in relation by satisfying your partner sexually. Therefore, the phallus is a crucial body part for men. Unfortunately, not every man has a perfect and desired shape of their reproductive part. You must know the reasons behind the small size of the private part and how it can be increased.

Go through this write-up thoroughly to know all the reasons very well. After getting all the points, you can easily determine what type of treatment or solutions you can opt for improving the size of the phallus. Consider nine things for penis lengthening and choose the desired one according to your preference.

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