Quick Ways To Make Your Penis Look Visually Bigger

Maybe you are one of those guys that keep on thinking that your penis could be bigger? Well, then you are no different than most men. Yet, most men choose to do nothing as it is time-consuming. A lot of men think that they don’t really have the time to cope with pumps, extenders, and all of the other enlargement methods that promise them a bigger penis in the long run.

However, most of them admit that they would indeed enjoy having a bigger one, yet they just don’t want to invest in popular enlargement methods and don’t want to undergo a painful enlargement operation. Most non-surgical enlargement methods usually take several weeks or even months to see results and no results are actually guaranteed.

However, there are 2 simple methods that don’t require any commitment or special skills that you can use to make your penis look visually bigger.

If you have never tried them, you will notice that they really make a huge difference since they work almost right away. These methods are simple and effective and each has a unique twist which makes them simply more effective.

3 Quick Ways to Increase Penis Size

Below you will find 3 are two simple ways that you can use to make your johnson look bigger. However, if you are ready to seriously step up your game and really enlarge your penis without surgery, check out malesextoys.co website for additional tips and methods that can be very useful.

#1 Manscaping

Manscaping is about shaving the pubic hair around the penis in a smart way to make it look bigger. If you have never tried this method before – it will make a huge difference when your private parts will become more visible. Once you do it, you will immediately see that it was worth the effort.

Before you start – keep in mind that you should not shave off all of the pubic hairs. If you do so, you may end up looking like a pre-teenage year boy. So, instead of totally shaving everything off, start by trimming the pubes. If you feel like you may get a little nervous with a manual razor or electric razor getting close to your private parts, just take scissors that are comfortable to cut the hair. Yet, it can be a little difficult to get an even cut.

Having a huge bush around your private parts is very natural. Especially, if you never shaved before. The older you get, the bigger the bush becomes. So, worry not, it’s natural to be very hairy down there. In most cases, you’ll find that you have so much coverage that your penis may appear to be about an inch shorter than it actually is! So, simply by getting rid of pubic hair, you’ll reveal that extra inch. Trust me, manscaping can make a huge difference in your penis appearance.

If you feel like you don’t want your sex partner(s) to notice that you’re working on your penis appearance, the tip about not shaving everything off will be handy. If you shave everything – it becomes obvious, however, if you do regular trimmings – no one will be able to tell that you are having regular penis haircuts. This way your johnson will look bigger in size without losing its natural looks.

#2 Stay Away From Bloating Foods and Drinks

Image source: unsplash.com

In the long run, this may sound like a tip to watch your weight. It is. However, there are times when even weight watching isn’t helpful.

That is called being bloated. When you’re bloated, your belly looks visually bigger thus makes your penis look smaller.

That’s why, if you know that there’s a chance you may be showing off your johnson later that day, stay away from foods and drinks that can get you bloated.

By doing so, you will not only reduce the risks of getting a bloated belly but also you’ll be helping your body and digestive system.

Who knows, maybe you’ll lose a pound or so, which will benefit you in the long run.

#3 Wake Up The Penis Before Action

Image source: unsplash.com

Well, there’s a chance that you have never heard about this method. However, it’s always great to learn something new.
You’ve probably noticed that throughout the day your johnson loses its shape and good looks. That’s completely normal. Being constantly pressed by trousers and underwear makes it look visually smaller. Especially when the weather is cold. That shrinks your privates as well.

That’s why, by simply stretching and stroking your penis, you can quickly revitalize it. Light stretches and strokes increase the blood flow and your penis returns to its normal shape and size.

Keep in mind that by light stretches and strokes, I don’t mean that you should give yourself an erection. So, instead of waiting for a little when you release your penis from the daily compression, you can simply speed up the process.

The best time to do so is right before sex. These several strokes will make your penis look as good as it physically can. This method is actually popular among adult film stars.

Right before they step before the camera, they give the penis several strokes and they’re ready for action.

The same goes for manscaping and avoiding drinks and foods that make you bloated. By using these 3 simple tricks you’ll have your penis in its best looks and ready for action.

However, these tricks will not increase your johnson size. They will only make your penis appear visually bigger. If you want a permanently longer johnson, you need to perform special penis stretching exercises or buy a quality penis extender.

Until you feel like you’re ready to actually work on your penis size, these tricks should be perfectly enough to impress your partner. Unfortunately, unlike the above methods, it takes several months to work. But in the meantime, you can still use these methods above to appear as big as possible.

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