Kratom Users Guide: Insights for All Users

You have probably seen Kratom around smoke shops or specialty stores. It has been getting popular recently because of its appeal and unique traits. In this Kratom users guide we will be discussing the must-know information. You will discover the recommended dosage, how to make it work for you, and if you should take it every day. This is an easy to follow guide that will provide great tips for all users – regardless of how long you have been taking it.

The Recommended Dosage

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We recommend taking between 2 – 3 grams of Kratom if it’s your first time but 5 grams is usually a good amount. You will want to start off with 3 grams because you want to see how your body reacts. If you feel this is a good amount, then stick with it but if you do not feel anything after 30 minutes then take another 2 grams. Also, you will want to wait 5 hours before you take more because you do not take too much at one time.

Taking too much Kratom can result in you having a negative experience. If you take more than the suggested use you will want to note how much you took and take less next time. We want your first experience to be pleasant, and eventually, you will have to increase the amount you take. Your body will eventually get used to the Kratom but for now, start off with 2 – 3 grams.

How to Make Kratom Work for You

When you first embark on this journey there will be many trial-and-error moments. However, educating yourself on the best approach is a great tool. Once you find what dosage is best for you, next is the method of use. There are different ways to make it work but enjoying it is the key. If you do not enjoy the bitter taste, then mixing it in shakes is probably the best approach. If you do not mind the taste, then making it into a tea works very well.

A major issue for many users is that they enjoy the experience but don’t really care for the taste. Another approach can be taking Kratom Capsules by Zen Panda to avoid the taste all together. However, we’ve found that mixing it with fruit juice or smoothies is a great way to enjoy it. Also, finding the best times to take will enhance your experience. You can take a low dosage in the morning to get energy or a heavier dose at night to get the sedative feeling.

Should You Take Kratom Every day?

There are a couple of advantages and disadvantages of taking Kratom daily. There typically are 2 types of users – recreational or for a specific purpose. People who use it for recreational purposes use it for energy, sedation, or its euphoric feeling. However, people who use it for a specific purpose tend to take it daily to help them for specific reasons. There are many advantages and advantages of taking it daily.

Advantages from Daily Use

If you’re using it for recreational purposes, you’ll find an opioid-like high. Although it’s not as potent as heroin, oxycodone, or fentanyl; you’ll find the stimulant it provides to be very similar. This is because the Alkaloids that occur naturally in Kratom act as an opioid agonist. It touches our opioid receptors but is not as intense as other opioids. Also, recreational users take it for pre-workout to add that extra boost to their workout. The advantage of taking it recreationally is that you can afford to take it as needed.

People who are dealing with specific issues tend to take Kratom more often. This is because they are looking to feel some form of relief from its Alkaloids. The advantage of taking it daily is that you’ll feel more stimulation as your body adapts to the Alkaloids. Also, a lot of its users experience mood stimulation such as an increase of motivation. This can be helpful if the reason why you are taking it causes you to feel sluggish. However, your body might react differently and how much you take can impact this reaction

Disadvantages from Daily Use

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One of the biggest disadvantages of daily use is you could build a dependency. This is due to the stimulating effects that many people use it. It takes time to develop a dependency and is not as severe as alcoholism, or opioid addiction. One thing to consider is that Kratom is part of the coffee family, when a person drinks coffee every day they tend to build a dependency. Withdraws from coffee can include lack of energy, nausea, anxiety, and other uncomfortable effects. Also, Kratom can cause similar effects of dependency if used daily. For a person who takes it for recreational purposes is a lot easier not to build a dependency. This is because you’re not taking it for some type of relief.

It’s true that it can cause you to feel uncomfortable if you stop taking it. However, people who take it for a purpose will have a more difficult time. This is because they are replacing one product or substance with another. Other disadvantages can include building a tolerance after some time of constant use. Once this happens you can either start cutting back or increase your dosage. If you have a very addictive personality, we do not recommend taking it for a long period of time. Although we strongly believe in our Kratom we understand that there exist some disadvantages.


It is understandable why you would want to take Kratom every day, but we don’t recommend it. Although there are many advantages to taking it daily, the disadvantages are more long term. To avoid negative side effects – short term – we recommend monitoring your dosage. You will make a couple of mistakes along the way but those are learning curves everyone makes; from experienced users to first-timers. If you could avoid having to use Kratom every day – great! But if it is unavoidable then try and monitor how much you take.

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