Face Scrubs To Get A Glowing Skin

Face scrub is a wonderful tool for men’s skincare product regimen, but when is one required. To make it easier for you, in this article we will explore the differences between the face wash and the face scrub. Many people confuse a face wash with a face scrub, while others haven’t even made use of any. They are simply skincare routine for men and they complement each other. You might not have tried any, now is the best time – the results will impress you. What is face wash? A face wash is also known as a facial cleanser for men or facial wash is essentially a liquid facial cleanser. This is not the same as the bar soap you know because it uses liquid cleansing ingredients rather than detergent elements. The best face wash in India doesn’t only remove impurities, but help the skin regain its beauty.   What is face scrub? The key difference between a face wash and face scrub is that a face scrub has small particles and other ingredients, which physically help in exfoliating the top layer of dead cells from the skin. This face scrub is effective and gentle.   Summary of the differences […]

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Castor Oil for Skin

  Oil in beauty regimen is an age old practice. Asian tradition especially has a long list of oils that promise amazing hair and skin. One among these is castor oil. Everyone living in India, specifically in the south would not have missed reference to the famous castor oil. Be it as a laxative, strong hair potion or an assurance for great and smooth skin; castor oil has its own share of goodies. Here we will discuss few benefits that castor oil has for skin, and off we go… If you are suffering from dry skin and your regular moisturizer is working just fine but you are on the lookout for a permanent solution; castor could be the one for you. It has the capacity to penetrate deep within the epidermis and handle dryness. Castor oil excellently hydrates skin, seals moisture and works on dry skin problems. If you are fan of homemade face packs for dry skin, you can easily include castor oil as one among the ingredients, or you can use this directly on face and wash off after few minutes. You can also use these home remedies to do skin polishing at home. Dry skin is one […]

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10 Things To Remember For Naturally Glowing Skin

glowing skin

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and yet it is one organ that most of the time we ignore. While we do keep it clean, we do little more in terms of pampering it. There might be a few of us who would go to a salon once in a while and get a facial done, but most of the times, this would not be enough. But what is interesting is that almost everyone wants a nice skin, especially facial skin that is healthy and ever glowing. Here are the 10 most important things that you need to remember if you want skin that is truly healthy and has a natural glow: Understand your skin type  Most of us are ignorant when it comes to our skin type, which is why we end up investing in all the wrong products. Your first step to beautiful skin is identifying your skin type – do you have dry, oily or combination skin. Once you have understood your skin type, make sure that you pick out products that are meant for your skin type. Take the time to read the labels on these products and in the beginning, you […]

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How To Get A Healthy Glowing Skin Just By Bathing Right

3 out of 5 Nigerians have a steroid containing preparation which is either for toning or whitening, most of them work for the first time and then stop working later on. This causes a need for the ones with higher concentrations not knowing the side effects they pose to our health. Some of the side effects of steroids include Stretch marks, Darkening of the skin, Acne popularly called pimples. The first part of you people see is your skin, little wonder we want to make it as attractive as possible. No doubt you almost always plan to have your bath as part of the preparation, the question then remains how do you take you bathe ? Bathing is an act that is meant to refresh your body, even though the results you get depend on how often and how well you carry out this act just like with routines consistency is important. In addition to the essential materials which include sponge, soap and clean water, bathing at the same time every day should be consistent and helps your skin more so do not bathe by 6:30am today and then 9:50am the next  day, it does not help your skin. Shiny […]

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