Summer Sun Safety Month

We are bombarded with messages about how harmful it is to spend extended amounts of time in the sun during summer, but most people don’t take the advice to heart. This is unfortunate because melanoma rates are rising in the developed world. Many people don’t even realize that extended exposure to the sun’s rays can cause this type of deadly cancer. August is Summer Sun Safety Month, so with that in mind here are three tips for stay safe this summer.   Wear Sunglasses   The eyes are the most sensitive part of the body in terms of harmful exposure to the sun’s rays. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause significant damage to the sensitive and small blood vessels in the eyes, like macular degeneration and cataracts. These conditions are usually irreversible. Even if you try to avoid exposure, if you’re outside with no sunglasses you will almost certainly get accidental exposure. Picture some friends throwing a football around on the beach. If they’re not wearing sunglasses, every time they look up to locate the ball they will be exposed to UV radiation on their iris.   Get a Mole Exam   If you have a pale complexion, it’s […]

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The process of Fat Removal without Surgery – Gives Long Lasting Results

When you want to go for weight loss – there are some unique ways and methods. Cool sculpting is one such way that can bring in permanent effects on your fat cells. If you continue to take care of your diet and proper exercises, you will never get back the fatty deposits that you remove through this method. There are some areas on your body that receives a faster deposit of fats. These are the abdomen area, love handles, thighs and buttocks. You can get these deposits removed with the help of the fat freezing method. When your body does not find ways to burn the stubborn fats, the fat freezing process lends a hand without using any surgery. Method of freezing fat deposits You will find this process is used in specialized clinics and experts or physicians who are trained in this process are present to do the needful. The fat is frozen, and then it slowly disappears from the area. The targeted area of fat deposits is taken one at a time, and then the freezing procedure is started. You cannot get the whole body frozen and cleared off the fat deposits at a time with the coolsculpting San […]

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Carboxytherapy : Treatment, How it works and Effects


Now we all know that we can’t stop aging. With time, our skin loses its youthful look and furthermore, drastic weight loss, stress, overworking are among the most common factors that contribute to the aging of skin. Thanks to new medical advancements, doctors and scientists have come up with a procedure called Carboxytherapy that can change the way we age. What is Carboxytherapy As we age, the skin or our subcutaneous tissue capillaries slowly become dormant and the oxygen concentration drops drastically, moreover, combining this effect with environmental stresses such as pollution inhibits the ability of our skin and it’s vessels to regenerate which is why our skin loses its elasticity, collagen and accelerates the process of aging. By the age of 30, oxygen levels in the skin drop to 25% and by the age of 40, 50%. The only way our body gets oxygen is by breathing but the concentration of it can immensely be reduced if you’re living in a polluted area. Physiologically speaking, the oxygen that we breathe is first utilized by the vital organs and then it’s taken up to the skin which explains why our skin is the most affected organ if we live in […]

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Tips to have a Healthy and Radiant Skin

When you hear radiant, you probably instantly imagine healthy glowing skin on a happy person. Yes, glowing skin and happiness go side-by-side. Who doesn’t want healthy, radiant skin that glows? But very few of us ponder upon the amount of effort it takes to have a great glowing skin! Why do very few people look radiant? In the recent decades, we have become much more dependent on make-up for making ourselves look radiant every day but we seldom give emphasis on the fact that make-up can have life-threatening effects on us. Even when we intend to take this into consideration and give ourselves some time to heal and glow from inside, the impossibility of going out in public, looking so dull can be frightening and being readily intimidated, we end up giving ourselves up to make up once again. But radiance on the outside can only be achieved when you are doing great in terms of your health. Only a person on the brink of great detoxification, nutrition, and sleep can be that radiant from the outside because the secret lies inside! How to get the radiance? We are not saying that you have to completely transform every habit you […]

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Best All-Natural Cleanser for Hair|Fermented Rice Water Shampoo

Fermented Rice Water Shampoo

Consumers who eat rice as part of their regular dish understand that it has various benefits. Around half of the earth’s population see it as a standard food. If you consider it, you will find that rice is more than just good for you diet. For instance, did you know that fermented rice water shampoo can do wonders for hair too? Are you finding it hard to imagine? Well, reconsider that thought. Rice water is shown to add manageability and shine to your hair when used as a shampoo. The fact is, fermented rice water shampoo has been used for centuries by Asian women. This is could be why the majority of Asian women possess beautiful and long hair. It’s also backed by science too. So, how much do you think it will cost you? The best thing about it is you could create this shampoo by yourself at home. Read on to find out more. Without further ado, let’s begin. Listed below are the ingredients: This all-natural shampoo can easily be made. It all lies to knowing the correct ingredients and accurate measurements. * 1 cup organic rice (whatever kind of rice you have) * 2 cups of warm water […]

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