Is unhealthy lifestyle affecting our oral health???

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Our lifestyle influences every aspect of our life, be it our food habits or our sleeping pattern. Everything we do, has its effects, either good or bad. In today’s world, time is a luxury, we can’t afford. The world around us or should say, the people in it are always running. We try to fit the maximum work in our day, and while doing this we often fall into certain lifestyle patterns. We want to do everything in a hurry. The “Food” has been transformed into “Fast Food” and our “Sleep” into “Power Naps.” In this blog, let’s discuss such lifestyle patterns and there impact on our oral health. JUNK FOODS Junk food often consists of too much unhealthy fats and carbohydrates. These foods are usually high in calories and low in nutritional value. Frequent consumption of these can lead to heart problems, diabetes or obesity. There has been researches highlighting the co-relation between heart issues and oral health problems. Diabetes affects the overall health and work capacity of person. Its an evil, once acquired, you can never get rid of. Obesity in itself can lead to Sleep Apnea (snoring or irregular sleep patterns due to breathing irregularities.) CARBONATED DRINKS/ […]

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7 Effortless Ways To Live Longer


Going for healthy habits is to choose to live longer. And there are a few simply lifestyle changes that can help you do just that. Studies have shown that just four habits – smoking cigarettes, drinking way too much alcohol, not eating required amounts of fruits and vegetables and not exercising – can lead you to an early death. It is said that these habits can age you by as many as 12 years that is to say that your old-age sets in quite early for you if you keep continuing these habits. But even if you do have these habits, it is not too late yet. You can still correct these habits and turn your life around towards one of full of health and youthfulness. All you need to do is to follow these healthy habits and you will notice that you will look and feel younger. Avoid overeating When you think of living to be a 100 years old, you could afford leaving some food on your plate. Studies conducted over people who have lived for a really long time show that the oldest people stop eating when they are feeling about 80% full. To further confirm this, […]

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