4 Ways To Stay Healthy During Lockdown – 2024 Guide

When it came to lockdown, many of us had our complete lives turned upside down. We stopped doing a lot of the things we loved, and we started doing things that for many of us weren’t healthy. Whilst many of us are still in lockdown measures, we have been finding some freedoms to make life seem all the more “normal.” However, one of the things that have suffered the most has been our health. For many, not being able to go to the gym has been the biggest setback. For others, exercising outside of the gym during lockdown resulted in injury. But there are things we can do whilst gyms are still closed or even when they reopen that we can do to help us keep healthy this strange time. Here are some tips to staying healthy during the lockdown. 1. Walking   It may seem strange to say it but, you don’t need to run or cycle to stay healthy. Going for a walk has many positive benefits to our health both physical and mental. These include things like improving blood flow and circulation, losing weight (you can burn 200 calories over 30 minutes), strengthening your muscles, improving your […]

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