What to do for Beard Hair loss While Brushing or Combing?

Reasons for beard hair

Adopting the unique beard styles is becoming the trend these days so witnessing the excessive loss of beard hair cannot be less than any nightmare as it could end up you all styles. If you are also want to have the unusual or celebrity inspired style of your beard but cannot have due to abrupt or excessive loss of beard hair then it is time to act wisely and do extra care of your beard hair. Reasons for beard hair loss There can be various reasons for the loss of beard hair such as Over and aggressive washing of beard hair can damage your beard and even to your scalp hair. Aggressive drying can also damage the hair follicles and can break them from roots. You should pat your wet beard hair and let them dry naturally. Over combing or brushing may also damage the roots of beard hair follicles and even bad technique of combing may also have adverse effects. Your choice of comb or brush may also become culprit for the loss of beard hair as comb or brush made up of metal with uneven crafting and having small splits in the material then it could rip your […]

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How do we come to know if a hair transplant is permanent or not?

Just like every permanent problem has a permanent solution, same way, every permanent hair loss, has to have a permanent solution. For, most people, hair transplant surgery conveys a fulfilling, long-term result. A well-experienced surgeon discusses each patients needs, wants, basically all the know-how of hair restoration surgery. Why choose Hair transplants? Let’s get to the basics first, let’s get to know hair transplants in a better way. Hair transplants are nothing but a process of curing baldness, it is done by transferring a person’s part of the hair to the area where there is scanty or no hair growth or those who have thin hair. Mostly the methods done for transplants are FUSS and FUE. Both procedures do not require the patients to be admitted to hospital. FUSS requires the surgeon to remove a band of scalp from the back area of the patient’s head, which is commonly called ‘donor area’. The hair which is remaining in the donor area covers the clips which are used for closing the slit and later one cover a thin injury once the scalp is healed. The strip is divided into many grafts, each of them has many or few hairs, post preparation […]

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All The Know-How’s of Hair Transplant

  Just like good health and youthfulness, many of us take our hair for granted, it is only until we see them falling off that we start worrying about them Hair transplant, for many works like a magic, which helps in bringing back the good looks that one once had. Thinking of getting a hair transplant is not a quick decision; it is one of the major decisions one takes, keeping in mind different things. Taking into account the first consultation to the process, doctors are asked various questions, regarding hair transplant. Hair transplant It is a surgery which moves the hair to an area which does not have any. It first started sometime in the 1950’s, but a lot has changed since its advancement. It is done at the doctor’s office, the first thing that surgeons will do us cleaning of scalp along with injecting medicine to make the area senseless. Doctor might choose any of the two procedures, FUE or FUT. Both hair transplantation technique are now available in India. FUE hair transplant in India is most popular than FUT hair transplant. In FUSS, the surgeon will remove 6- 10 inch’s strip of skin from the back of […]

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The Hair Transplant Journal-2019

The Hair Transplant Journal

Nearly half of all the female and sixty percent male population is in the throes of hair loss. The most famous choices for countering it are topical treatments for mild hair loss. But for major hair loss, there are other treatments which can help us out. Hair Transplant is one such method. It is a technique in which hair is added to the part which is balding. The grafted hair may be taken from denser parts of the scalp. This technique started as early as 1939 wherein Japanese experimented with it using a single hair strand. Over the years, the technology has evolved and the plug technique is common which involves transplant of a large volume of hair in a single go. The latest in the trend is the use of mini and micro grafts, which lends it a more natural look. Hair transplant has also kept up with the global trends. The Efficacy of Transplants The efficacy can be judged by the fact that nearly 10 to 80 percent hair regrows within a span of 3-4 months. On the downside, the transplanted hair thins out with the passage of time. If the person has dominant hair follicles (follicles which have […]

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5 Habits of People with Healthy Hair

Just like your skin, your hairs’ condition depicts how healthy you are. To have amazing hair, you need to take good care of it and show commitment since it takes time and effort to look your best. Maintaining good habits will go a long way in ensuring your hair looks healthy. One thing that people with amazing hair have in common is their ability to maintain healthy hair habits. If you are wondering how to go about maintaining an awesome look, here are five habits you need to emulate. Eating Healthy Having healthy hair begins from the inside. To achieve this, you need to ensure you consume a balanced diet with enough protein and iron. Also, you need to ensure you have sufficient amounts of Vitamins C, D, and E which provide antioxidant benefits. You can also consume enough iron as this is the source of energy for your hair. Lack of enough iron has been associated with patterned hair loss. Use the Right Tools If you have healthy hair, you definitely know what tools you need to avoid. There are a number of tools that could be detrimental to your hair. These include items such as metal combs, holders […]

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