How To Get Rid of Your Muffin Top? [Best Guide-2019]

Get Rid of Your Muffin Top

Do you hate seeing the jiggly fat visible above the top of your pants or skirts? Want to know how to reduce fat in that particular part of your body? A muffin top is a term used to describe the skinny layer or body fat visible above the waistline of pants or skirts because of tight clothing. Where does the term “muffin top come from, you ask? The fatty layer bulging above your waistline appears a lot like an American baked product Muffin(a small domed spongy cake made with eggs and baking powder). Particularly, when it is baked in a muffin tin or a cup.  This usually happens as a result of high fat to muscle ratio in your body. You are more likely to develop a muffin top if you are “skinny fat” or on your way to becoming one. This layer just hangs out and makes you look fatter than you are. But does this mean you can never wear your favorite tight jeans or skirt again? Yes, it is possible but not by performing spot reduction exercises or cutting down your calorie intake. You need to evaluate your diet, workout routine, sleep cycle and much more. Is […]

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The Safest Smile You Can Find


While listening to other people, you can find a lot of… well, let’s just call them “untruths”. Not necessarily lies. Just lack of real information and mostly just things they’ve heard from other people. Everyone does this. And it’s quite unfortunate, as many useful things all around us are sent to this dark void, where all wrongly described things go to. And it’s no lie that Botox doesn’t really have the best reputation. In fact, while it is a very commonly used word, it’s not really used in particularly positive contexts, nor is its connotation any better. Most think of Botox as that thing their favorite celebrities get, where some weird goo is injected into your face and you look like a plastic doll. But the truth couldn’t be further from this statement. The Botox injection in New York City has become the most widespread form of professional skin treatment and care. It helps in a large variety of ways, from deaging skin, to straightening out wrinkles, to breathing new life into worn out skin, making it more vibrant. It doesn’t puff you up, it doesn’t give your skin that glossy layer you see on TV. It simply works to […]

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Blackberry Leaves

Health Benefits of Blackberry Leaves

You must already be familiar with the fact that fresh blackberries make a delicious and healthy snack. They are rapidly becoming popular among health enthusiasts.  Blackberries are a rich source of Vitamin C and K, which makes them the best pre-workout snack. But it’s leaves have equal therapeutic value and can be used as a medicinal herb to treat a variety of diseases. It is mainly consumed as a tea or in the form of a capsule. Some people prefer to consume it by soaking freshly cut Blackberry leaves in water. The antioxidants get extracted into the water and which makes a rejuvenating health drink.  Here are the Top 10 Health Benefits of Blackberry leaves. 1. Sore Throat Treatment Everyone knows how horrible it is to wake up in the morning with a sour throat. An infection in the throat also causes other parts of your body to hurt; especially muscles.  Drinking warm tea prepared by boiling Blackberry leaves in hot water can provide instant relief from a sore throat and temporarily numb the inflamed area.  To heal quickly from a sore throat, it is vital to drink fluids that kill bacteria. Lemon juice also does a great job of […]

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Epsom Salt Bath Benefits for Weight Loss

Epsom Salt Bath Benefits

Tired of empty promises from weight loss diet plans and 15-minute belly fat burner machines? Not all diet plans are effective and not every exercise equipment out there is suitable for your body type. If you want to skip the hassle of going to the gym, taking expensive supplements and watching your weight every single morning, you should have a look at this new alternative to all weight loss plans.  This new option is nothing but an Epsom salt bath. You may have heard about this mysterious salt from an athlete friend of yours who uses it to relieve muscle stiffness and joint pain caused by injuries or prolonged training sessions. It is also very popular among the marathon runner’s community. But an Epsom salt bath can also aid weight loss and that too without making a considerable effort.  What is Epsom salt? Before moving forward, it’s important to know what you are dealing with as misuse or improper application of Epsom salt can lead you into some serious trouble. Ultimately, it is a chemical component and needs to be used in the right proportion. The chemical name of Epsom salt is Magnesium Sulphate and people call it Epsom salt […]

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4 Ways to Control Indoor Allergies Naturally


If you think you are safe at home and cannot be affected by seasonal or indoor allergies, then you need to read this guide. Unfortunately, the indoor environment is host to many allergens, even in your own home. These are usually worst in summers when the dust mites are at their peak, but may be even worse in winters when the windows are closed. Opening the windows would only mean inviting more allergens such as pollen, which could be present outside in even higher concentrations. To make sure that you are breathing in a clean environment, you need to take the following measures.  1. Clean and Circulate the Air in Your House To keep the air in your house clean at all times, you need a whole-home purifier. Premium quality home air purifiers clean up to 95 percent of the airborne pathogens and allergens, such as pollen, dander, and smoke. They can clean the air up to eight cycles per hour, which makes them an excellent addition to your HVAC system since they prevent long-term expenses like medications and doctor’s visits. Another good way to ensure clean air is to purchase an air filter with a high MERV rating. High-rating […]

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