Secrets About Missionary Position

Missionary position is one of the most commonly used in sex. It’s also called man-on-top, usually with women lying on her back, in front of you. This position is really favorable if you want to keep sex as a romantic experience because you can touch her, kiss her, look at her eyes, talk to her, kiss her neck, and do tons of stuff. It’s a classic position you can’t stop trying, and it may become your favorite. This type of position encourages an adequate, yet not very deep penetration, and lets you stimulate her clitoris properly. However, after some time you might want to experience new things and give it an extra exciting touch. First off, do not underestimate the power of kisses to increase your sexual pleasure. Missionary position is excellent for that, and if you are closed tight to her clitoris while kissing her neck and lips with passionate desire, it will get really intense. Kiss her ears, her chin, make her go insane and get to know every erogenous zona to make her gasp.Another thing you can do to power-up your sexual performance is using a stimulating gel to improve your bodily sensations and give yourself and […]

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Curing Premature Ejaculation With Some Mind Control

Premature ejaculation is more common than most men would like to admit, and it is one of the main reasons why they fail to enjoy their sexual life. If you can’t last for more than a few minutes or even reach your climax before starting intercourse, the least you should do is worrying too much. As common as it is, there are plenty of exercises and ways to fix premature ejaculation, and there are plenty of solutions for each possible reason. First off, it is essential to understand why you are experiencing premature ejaculation. Evaluate yourself. Is it because you have too much stress on your mind? Is it because it happened before and you can’t stop thinking about it? Maybe because you don’t have much sexual experience and it all feels too exciting and new for you… it depends on each case. However, in most cases, we can benefit from a mind control technique I like to call “staying on the edge”. To explain this, it is important to understand that male’s orgasm behaves similarly to when you’re escalating a mountain. Reaching the top means reaching your climax, ejaculating and losing your erection. However, in this climbing up there’s […]

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How Can You Increase Your Sex Drive?

It is quite common that normal people will lose his sex drive after the age of 30 years. After the age of 30, the human body is not able to produce sufficient hormones. However, you can retain your health condition by taking a libido booster. There is reputed male sex enhancement product that can increase your sex-drive. You have to leave any unhealthy diet and fast food from your food list. Why Should You Take Male Sex Enhancement Pills? You should take the best male enhancement pills in addition to the healthy diet. You have to consult with your doctor about the dosage and compatibility with another supplement. You should take effective male enhancement or supplement from the leading suppliers. It will balance the hormone and sex-life. There is a huge peak of male sex hormone at the age of 18 years. How Do the Pills Work? There are many important ingredients in male sex enhancement capsules that can improve your sex stamina. Apart from that it also fights against different types of male sex problems such as erectile dysfunction, loss of libido and premature ejaculation. It also enhances your confidence level by a great margin. There will be increased […]

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What Is The Connection Between A Healthy Mind And Good Sex?

Connection between Sex, Intimacy And Mental Well-Being

Sex is a key element in a happy, healthy relationship, where two partners share an intimate connection. While not the only factor that makes a relationship work, sex do play an important part in ensuring both partners in the relationship obtains the sexual satisfaction they desire in order for them to stay humble to each other. For this reason, when sex-related problems do arise in a relationship, it can be worrisome and also unpleasant. When one partner starts to express signs of sexual difficulties, such as a lowered libido or perhaps even a more concerning sexual disorder like erectile dysfunction, then the effects may have an impact on the satisfaction of both partners involved in the relationship. Attending to such problems once they arise is important, not only to recover the sexual satisfaction levels that both partners depend on, but also to avoid potential complications that the sex-related issues may have on the relationship. Quite a large number of factors have been identified as threats to sexual intercourse, as well as sexual function in both genders. Injury, poor hormonal production and several chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, have all been identified as factors that contribute to poor […]

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Symptoms and Treatments for Low Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the proper male body development, but also for the male sexual function. This hormone is produced in the testicles and it is required for the production of sperm, muscle mass, and bone mass. It is also responsible for a male’s sex drive, and it has a deep impact on fat distribution and red blood cell production. After the age of 30, it is normal for testosterone levels to drop, but there are also unnatural causes that can lead to low testosterone levels. To combat this we recommend using a service like Male Excel HRT that can provide more detailed information and assessments.  Keep on reading to discover the most common symptoms of low testosterone and the most efficient treatments. Symptoms of Low Testosterone Level Low testosterone is a common health problem for men. Normal levels should be around 300 nanograms per deciliter. Levels way below this limit can lead to serious health problems. Women can also suffer from low testosterone levels, and the following symptoms can be experienced by both men and women: Weight gain – since testosterone is responsible for fat distribution, low levels of this hormone can lead to a serious weight […]

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