Why Body Positivity Matters ─ 11 Ways on How to Love Your Body

Do you know that according to research, up to 84% of American women will eventually feel dissatisfied with their bodies? It is not a surprise if you don’t love your body, or you may dislike how it appears. We understand that learning to love your body is challenging when you genuinely don’t. Moreover, it’s not always as straightforward as the positive body image push might lead you to believe. You will need time and deliberate effort to go from “I don’t look good, and I hate my appearance” to something more positive. Here is everything you need to know about body positivity! Why Should You Love Your Body? One of the most challenging things you must do is love your body and yourself. Pointing out flaws in your physical characteristics and dwelling on the bad is simple. But since this is the only body you ever had, one of the most incredible things you can do for yourself is learn to appreciate it. There are four good reasons to love your body! 1. You can do incredible things with it Your bodies enable you to move about, look into the world, investigate, and lead fulfilling lives. Consider all the incredible […]

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