5 Ways Seniors Can Improve Their Social Life and Mental Well-Being

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People tend to fall into bad habits as life happens. We let good friends phase out of our lives, we become passive (both physically and mentally), and before you know it, life turns into a tedious drudgery. Physical exercise and socializing becomes something only young people do, but if we are to be perfectly honest with ourselves, it all comes down to the attitude. Regardless of your age, the good things and habits should be cultivated until the last breath and here are 5 ways seniors can improve their social life and mental well-being. A time for yoga This is not a big secret – physical activity is the key to a healthier and more enjoyable elder years. While you might not be in a condition to play football, you can definitely take up some beneficial disciplines that are known for their health-improving effects and modularity when it comes to types of exercises and their length. This is why yoga is so popular among the young and the old – its modularity and relaxing underlying effect.  Every aspect of yoga exercises can be easily adjusted for your needs and capabilities and you will become a force of nature before you […]

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7 Healthy Habits for Successful Aging

  When you think of yourself in your seventies, do you envision a sedentary individual, or the next Ernestine Shepherd breaking new records and conquering new heights? Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll find yourself inspired to make a few promises to yourself and take charge of your health as you greet your old age. Focus on prevention Various bodily functions start to slowly deteriorate as we age, and while this natural process cannot be entirely stopped, the least you can do is make sure you keep it all in check. Annual visits to your doctor for a routine checkup can help prevent various diseases and catch any issues early on for proper treatment. Your vision, hearing and dental health are particularly sensitive, while certain illnesses are known to wait for your senior years to appear, hence the need to monitor your overall health. Keep learning By mastering new skills, learning a new language, or taking part in generally challenging activities for your mind, you’ll help your body and mind ward off many issues of ageing. Don’t limit yourself to mental processes only, like puzzles or reading, but expand your views onto the realm of physical skills such […]

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How Employers Can Establish a Good Mental Health Regime in Their Workplace

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Today, businesses are increasingly demanding speed, accuracy, and productivity from their employees in order to remain competitive in their respective fields. But this trend is also making a negative impact on the mental health of the workforce. Growing stress is affecting personal and professional lives of employees these days, which is why fostering a good mental health at the workplace has never been so important. Are your employees going through similar mental stress at the workplace? As a concerned employer, you need to create a work culture that is based on wellbeing, good mental health and stress-free atmosphere for your staff. Investing in the health of your employees will surely help you reap great dividends because a healthy and happy workforce is the most productive workforce. This proactive and positive approach on your part would be a welcome step for your employees as well as for your business. Here is how you can create and establish a good mental health regime at your workplace: Create a positive work environment The environment in which employees work plays an important role in terms of nourishing mental health. So fostering a positive atmosphere in and around the workplace will promote a healthy well-being […]

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What Is The Connection Between A Healthy Mind And Good Sex?

Connection between Sex, Intimacy And Mental Well-Being

Sex is a key element in a happy, healthy relationship, where two partners share an intimate connection. While not the only factor that makes a relationship work, sex do play an important part in ensuring both partners in the relationship obtains the sexual satisfaction they desire in order for them to stay humble to each other. For this reason, when sex-related problems do arise in a relationship, it can be worrisome and also unpleasant. When one partner starts to express signs of sexual difficulties, such as a lowered libido or perhaps even a more concerning sexual disorder like erectile dysfunction, then the effects may have an impact on the satisfaction of both partners involved in the relationship. Attending to such problems once they arise is important, not only to recover the sexual satisfaction levels that both partners depend on, but also to avoid potential complications that the sex-related issues may have on the relationship. Quite a large number of factors have been identified as threats to sexual intercourse, as well as sexual function in both genders. Injury, poor hormonal production and several chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, have all been identified as factors that contribute to poor […]

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5 Natural Ways to Boost Your Brain Function

regular exercise is important

Like any other bodily function, there is a way to boost your cognitive abilities by altering your lifestyle. However, we’re not just talking about boosting your brain function by completing challenging intellectual tasks or acquiring new skills. We are talking about ways to improve your overall brain infrastructure through proper exercise, healthy habits and adequate nutrition. With this in mind and without further ado, here are five natural ways to boost your brain function. 1.      Regular exercise   The first thing you need to understand is the fact that there’s a direct correlation between physical activity and your mental capacities. This relationship starts long before we’re even born and it was proven, several times over, that when a mother exercises in pregnancy (even if it’s a regular walk), their child later experiences faster mental growth and development. Needless to say, this remains true throughout our lives, seeing as how regular exercise helps the production of nerve-protecting compounds. Apart from this, it increases blood flow to our brains and improves the development of neurons in general. Overall, it helps protect and develop our brain, as well as keep it running. 2.      Adopting healthy habits The next thing you need to understand […]

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