Healthy Living: How to Pamper Yourself and Practice Self-Care

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It is often a harsh truth that people who need pampering are the ones that unapologetically carry the brunt of a burden. They usually put the needs of others above their own and they are ready to endure until they are on their knees. While this is honorable, it is also very unhealthy. You should always strive to reward yourself for the effort, so if you plan to practice healthy living, here’s how to practice self-care and pamper yourself without reservation. It can be quite cheap When people hear “self-care”, they usually think it involves spending too much money, but it actually doesn’t have to be the case. Small things such as listening to meditation music while relaxing in a bathtub, going for a long nightly walk with earbuds blaring your favorite music or taking a break from the digital realm with your upbeat friend(s) – these are all perfectly legitimate and cheap ways to pamper yourself. Remember, anything that puts you in a state of true relaxation can be defined as self-care. Photo by Yanapi Senaud on Unsplash In harmony with others You have probably heard this one before – self-care means caring about others. However, this philosophy is […]

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7 Ways to Strengthen and Support Children’s Positive Mental Health

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For kids to grow up happy and healthy mental health is as important as physical. And this is often overlooked. Mental health means having a healthy mind and body and being able to see things around us as are, it influences our perception of the world and ourselves. Kids are exposed to different types of emotions both at home and at school, even at the playground, from happiness to frustration and disappointment and teaching them how to cope with them in the right way is absolutely essential for helping them, maintain positive mental health. Help them understand it is not permanent Kids who experience bad emotions for the first time, like sadness, frustration or anger tend to feel overwhelmed by them and are not capable of understanding that is just a temporary state. This is why it is important to talk them through these emotions, explaining that it is temporary. As you know emotional injuries are quite similar to physical ones in the sense that it takes time for them to heel. Teaching your child how to deal with these emotions rather than suppress them is one of the most important lessons. Help them acquire knowledge Through education comes an […]

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5 Things You can do to Lead a Less Hectic, Stress-Free Life

We’re living in a world packed with stress and anxiety. It’s quite hard to function properly in today’s surroundings without being faced with a lot of stress and anxiety. From your home, where stress can build up around insignificant things, through traffic and your way to work, and all the way to the job you have. With so many stress-inducing things surrounding all of us, it’s perfectly normal for some of us to slip and fall from time to time. However, you must put in your best effort to fight that stress and anxiety. Everybody has their own way of dealing with hectic life situations, but there are some general principles that should help almost anyone. We did a bit of researching, and we’ve decided to make this short guide through some of the things that should help you deal with stress and anxiety. Keep in mind that these guidelines don’t offer a final solution to your problem, but they can help you find the best way to deal with it. So, without further ado, let’s jump to it. The Importance of Breathing You’ve probably heard this a hundred times, but proper breathing and right breathing techniques can really do […]

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How to Recognize the Early Signs of Dementia and What to Do

Dementia needs to be discussed constantly because it is such a ubiquitous part of people’s lives around the globe. Each of us knows at least someone who had to deal with a family member struck by this illness, and if you are truly unlucky, you have dealt with it head on – with one of your parents or both. Recognizing the early signs of dementia can be quite hard because it tends to be a matter of nuance, so if you have your doubts about your parent’s cognitive makeup, here’s how to recognize the early signs of dementia and what to do. Dementia is not Alzheimer’s disease Dementia is a syndrome that manifests due to a disease. Alzheimer’s disease is just one of the numerous maladies that can cause dementia. Interestingly enough, many people tend to equate these two terms as the same thing. Still, before you start to identify the symptoms of dementia, you need to be aware of this difference so you would not misdiagnose someone who can be blindsided by such information. Look at how to deal with dementia and Alzheimer’s patient effectively. What are the symptoms? Dementia tends to begin with memory problems, but don’t jump […]

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How to Stay Healthy During Exam Period?

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Being educated can get you ahead in life and make your future more comfortable and simple for you, but in order to reap the fruits of the hard work you put into your education, you need to stay healthy. Studying for your exams usually means sleepless nights, exhaustion and often isolation from others, so knowing how to maintain your good health through this period is essential. Here are some tips for those hard-working students. Don’t skip meals When you have to study, and you’re on a tight schedule, you can sometimes get so caught up in your work, that you forget to tend to your basic needs, such as eating. This is why it’s essential for you to be aware of your dietary requirements during the exam period. Do your best to keep your diet healthy, meaning that you should eat fresh fruit and vegetables as much as possible, as well as lean protein and whole-grain bread or cereals. Also, you should drink about seven or eight glasses of water a day. This type of diet should provide you with the necessary nutrients to keep your mind sharp and your body strong while dealing with your exams. Get enough sleep […]

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