Why Men Develop Breasts: Understanding & Solving Gynecomastia


To some, Gynecomastia, or male breasts, is a joke. To others, it’s a devastating condition that leaves them feeling ashamed. This medical condition is said to strike up to 50% of men at some point in their lives, with around 95% of cases going unnoticed and/or resolving itself without help. But for that small percentage that is left with breasts, it can lead to a complete 180. A confident boy going through puberty can gain breasts that leave him with no friends and an issue with confidence. Even a grown man with no previous issue may find that he suddenly grows breasts as he begins to shift from one stage of adulthood to another. So what exactly causes male breasts, and what can be done about it? Before we go into detail about solutions, let’s take a look at causes: 1. Weight Gain One of the most common reasons for male breasts is weight gain. This is because excessive weight can manifest over your pectorals, causing the appearance of breasts. When examining male breasts, this type of Gynecomastia can be identified by the fact that it is distinctly made up of only fatty tissue. 2. Changes Due to Age As […]

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The Most Common Causes Of Male Infertility

  Infertility can occur to anyone at any point of time. It is very important to understand why such a phenomenon will occur to you or me. It can be inherited or acquired. Inherited infertility will be due to family history, gene fault and other genetic reasons which most of the times becomes irreversible and you should seek artificial reproductive treatment (ART). Acquired ones are treatable and are very common. Male infertility is the most common type of infertility. It is the reason for more than one third of infertility cases registered at a fertility clinic. More often not, it is practically impossible to establish the reason for male infertility. As simple as using laptop, driving car or bike for long hours, frequent usage of jeans and other tight dress are known to cause infertility. At a fertility clinic, the most common reason for infertility in male is their lifestyle. This was determine through questionnaires. But people are ready to give up nor come out these habits. Most marriages in India are returning to be unsuccessful and this is one of the biggest reason. The blame for not having a child always is put on the female. This is due […]

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Top 15 Ways To Boost Testosterone

Our diet is the most important way we can influence our health. Eating the right food is an important part of keeping our testosterone levels high and our bodies in shape. Here are some of the best foods you can eat for your testosterone. Celery Ancient cultures associated celery with male libido and energy, but it took modern research to confirm this fact. Celery is known to boost male testosterone levels 3 times overs due to the presence of compounds resembling the androgen our bodies naturally produce. Asparagus Asparagus does an incredible job of promoting testosterone production because it contains antioxidants that help promote healthier bodily function overall. Preventing the oxidation of important tissues will always protect testosterone levels. Shiitake Mushrooms Mushrooms in general seem to have a connection with improved fertility, but Shiitake mushrooms take the cake in terms of their ability to increase testosterone levels. In fact, you’ll see an increase of up to 50% with regular servings of this delicacy. Oysters There are countless accounts of ancient people using oysters as an aphrodisiac and we now understand the nutritional facts behind this. Oysters contain copious amounts of zinc, a trace mineral with a prominent role in fertility, […]

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A Complete Guide to Autism Diagnosis for Adults

Are you wondering if you are autistic? Maybe you read something about autism or you saw a program on TV and believe it accurately describes some of your own experiences. In the last few years, autism awareness has become widespread, but that wasn’t the case before. Therefore, it was quite common for people to have gone through their life without an autism diagnosis, all the while feeling that they didn’t fit in. Lots of people learn to cope in their own unique ways, which is often tough work. They might have successful careers, be married and have families. Others may find things more of a struggle and may be isolated from the rest. It is up to you to decide if you want to go for a self-diagnosis or walk to be formally diagnosed by a specialist. The problem is that a lot of people believe that diagnosis will only lead to an unhelpful label. However, the fact is that getting a thorough assessment and diagnosis can actually be beneficial in a number of ways. How? Some benefits of autism diagnosis for adults are outlined below: Getting an autism diagnosis can help you as well as your friends, partner, spouse, […]

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What Is The Connection Between A Healthy Mind And Good Sex?

Connection between Sex, Intimacy And Mental Well-Being

Sex is a key element in a happy, healthy relationship, where two partners share an intimate connection. While not the only factor that makes a relationship work, sex do play an important part in ensuring both partners in the relationship obtains the sexual satisfaction they desire in order for them to stay humble to each other. For this reason, when sex-related problems do arise in a relationship, it can be worrisome and also unpleasant. When one partner starts to express signs of sexual difficulties, such as a lowered libido or perhaps even a more concerning sexual disorder like erectile dysfunction, then the effects may have an impact on the satisfaction of both partners involved in the relationship. Attending to such problems once they arise is important, not only to recover the sexual satisfaction levels that both partners depend on, but also to avoid potential complications that the sex-related issues may have on the relationship. Quite a large number of factors have been identified as threats to sexual intercourse, as well as sexual function in both genders. Injury, poor hormonal production and several chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, have all been identified as factors that contribute to poor […]

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