Can I Go For Laser Hair Removal If I Am Having Pcos/Pcod?

Now advanced technologies like laser are available that can be used to remove unwanted hair but head-scratching question is that can we opt this technology if we are suffering from other medical condition like PCOD/PCOS? Before knowing the facts about yes or no of the above question it is important to understand about PCOD only then we can reach on the correct answer. What is PCOD? The polycystic ovarian disease is the hormonal disorder that affects many females in the childbearing age. In this hormonal disorder fluid type formation occurs in the ovaries that lead to hormonal level disturbance so can cause skin or hair disorders. This disease begins when the females have disturbed periods and then cysts start forming in the ovaries so the size of ovary gets expanded and cause excess production of hormones like androgen and estrogen. This excess formation of the hormone with the irregular periods can cause infertility in females. This condition is also called PCOS. The surprising fact about this disorder is that 26.7% of females are suffering from this disease but are oblivion about it.  Studies have shown 70% women were unknown about PCOD attack when were diagnosed. PCOD affects the reproductive organs […]

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7 Healthy Habits for Successful Aging

  When you think of yourself in your seventies, do you envision a sedentary individual, or the next Ernestine Shepherd breaking new records and conquering new heights? Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll find yourself inspired to make a few promises to yourself and take charge of your health as you greet your old age. Focus on prevention Various bodily functions start to slowly deteriorate as we age, and while this natural process cannot be entirely stopped, the least you can do is make sure you keep it all in check. Annual visits to your doctor for a routine checkup can help prevent various diseases and catch any issues early on for proper treatment. Your vision, hearing and dental health are particularly sensitive, while certain illnesses are known to wait for your senior years to appear, hence the need to monitor your overall health. Keep learning By mastering new skills, learning a new language, or taking part in generally challenging activities for your mind, you’ll help your body and mind ward off many issues of ageing. Don’t limit yourself to mental processes only, like puzzles or reading, but expand your views onto the realm of physical skills such […]

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Why Should Marijuana be Legalized?

medical marijuana

The day is not far away when cannabis will be legalized worldwide but still, some stones need to be turned to make this happen. But then, what do most people think about marijuana? Some of us believe that legalizing cannabis may lead to some detrimental health issues whereas; others believe that it could be helpful when other medicines fail. In this blog, we’ll talk about the financial and some other benefits of cannabis and how its legalization can help the citizens and the state in different aspects. 1. Liberty: Legalization of marijuana is an issue of liberty and freedom. There is no doubt that legalization has its benefits. It is absurd and deprivation of liberty if you are not allowed to grow cannabis in your garden, or use it for recreational or health purposes. Laws in America value the liberty and pursuit of happiness of the citizens by respecting their freedom. Therefore, depriving the citizens of the country of buying or using something which they feel, could benefit their health, is not proper. 2. Principle of parity: Then there is yet another aspect. The government has not banned other toxic substances like alcohol and tobacco rather permits their free-use in […]

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5 Ways to Tempt Your Partner

Do you want to make love but your partner doesn’t seem interested? The difference in sexual desire is common among couples, where either or both partners may lose their interest in sex. However, when this situation persists for long, it could ruin the relationship and even lead to infidelity. In their Erectzan reviews, Top Male Enhancers, a website that offers unbiased information of the best natural male enhancement supplements, stated that in men, not being able to get the desired quality of erection and not having control on orgasms are common reasons for a decline in sexual desire. This is where these natural libido boosters can help couples by supporting healthy production of sex hormones and promoting blood circulation to the penis to improve overall sexual experience. In addition, here are some tips that can help you arouse your partner for a fulfilling sexual experience. 5 Ways to Get Your Partner in the Mood for Sex Tightly Hug Your Beloved & Leave: Your wife is cooking dinner. How would you expect her to react if she receives a tight hug from you for no reason for at least 30 seconds? Many scientific studies have shown that hugging your partner produces oxytocin […]

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Choosing The Best Maternity Hospital For Your Delivery

Intertwined in an exciting maze, couples move on steadily, finding a path to meet their precious little one. Women experience a colossal shift within themselves physically and emotionally during and after pregnancy. As couples traverse within the maze, they bump into surprises and look around for saviors to guide them all along their path. If you are skeptical about choosing a maternity hospital, listed below are some points that make a maternity hospital or any other city special and that help you feel secure, comfortable, and joyous as you step into parenthood. Specialised Doctors: Experienced Obstetricians, Gynaecologists and various practitioners who are specialists in their field. Their reputation in handling complex cases and their vast experiences in prenatal care, maternity care, and postnatal care ensure that you receive quality pregnancy care services. Comprehensive Antenatal Care: Designed to help you travel smoothly through your journey of pregnancy, any maternity hospital will provide a comprehensive antenatal care facility. During your regular check-ups, doctors’ advice you on various important information related to diet, physical activities, tips to handle physical and emotional setbacks, tips for self-care, and required prenatal screening tests. Exclusively-designed workshops provide guidance to ensure a memorable pregnancy. Answers to fears and apprehensions during […]

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